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T.S. Cardiff is a charitable organisation, based in Ty Llewellyn, and is one of 400 Training Ships throughout Britain catering for some 20,000 young people aged between 10 and 18.

Each Training Ship or 'UNIT' is responsible for raising its own running costs and funds, but the overall guidance and direction of training is via a central team at Sea Cadet Headquarters in London. Our background is naval-maritime orientated and we wear the uniform of the Royal Navy, with pride. We are not, however, a pre-service training or a recruiting tool for the Royal Navy, but if you are interested in joining the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force, the Corps is able to help you. The Corps is disciplined and uniformed, but it is certainly not para-military, nor does membership imply a career in the Services or Merchant Navy.

The Sea Cadet Corps can claim the longest continuous history of any British youth movement, dating back to the Crimean War, when sailors returning home from the campaign formed Naval Lads’ Brigades to help orphans in the sea port back streets, the very first unit being formed in Whitstable, Kent. The Sea Cadet Corps is there to challenge and to encourage young people towards a responsible adulthood by encouraging valuable personal attributes and high standards of conduct, using a nautical theme based on the customs of the Royal Navy. You will be helped to achieve your best potential, through adventurous activities. Sea Cadets are encouraged to become self-reliant, and through team work they develop consideration and respect for others. The Corps encourages high personal standards with a sense of purpose, and provides a sound foundation for future careers.

The Sea Cadet Corps is a voluntary youth organisation, with world-wide connections, that will give you a great start in life. The nation is broken into six areas; TS Cardiff is in South-Western Area. South-Western Area is then broken into Districts, with TS Cardiff being in the South Wales District. There are eight Units in the South Wales District: Barry, Cardiff, Newport, Penarth, Porthcawl, Rhondda and Torfaen. Who can be a "Sea Cadet"? All sorts of young people between the ages of 10 years and 18 years are Sea Cadets. They come along to the Unit, like what they see, and join up. When they reach the age of 18, the “BEST” are asked if they would like to stay on as Instructors, and many do, passing on the knowledge and experience they have gained as cadets.

The Sea Cadets is Britain’s most successful nautical organisation for the development of young people. Its founding premise was, and still remains, “To encourage valuable personal attributes and high standards of conduct, using a nautical theme based on the customs of the Royal Navy”.

In an increasingly individualistic society, where the importance of teamwork is often overlooked, the Sea Cadets is an organisation designed to promote personal development, social inclusion and citizenship amongst young people, whatever their background, race or creed. Our general aim is to provide cadets with structured training so they can progress towards good citizenship, as well as achieving nationally recognised qualifications.

The movement endeavours to introduce young people to an organised, disciplined and stimulating environment where they can learn new skills, interact with their peers and where confidence and self-esteem is encouraged - but they do this while still having a huge amount of fun! Today, the Sea Cadets have come a long way from those early days in the seaport back streets when orphans of the Crimean War first donned the blue uniform. Now, the Corps continues to offer unrivalled opportunities for young people aged between 10 and 18 years, despite the competing attractions of the "youth leisure industry".


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  • Sea Cadets
  • Shooting
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