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Fun Non Contact Rugby based classes for Girls and Boys aged 2 years to RFU continuum which is when, sadly, we will have to say goodbye to them and wish them the best with there rugby at their chosen rugby clubs. We hope that their time with Little Ruggers will give them both personal and rugby skills they need to have a happy and life long love and enjoyment of rugby and other sports as confident children to confident adults.

The goal of Little Ruggers is to draw more children into rugby and encourage healthy lifestyles, which we believe should ideally be instilled at a young age. Our secondary aim is to strengthen local Rugby Clubs with a supply of under 7s that are highly confident and skilled in the basics of rugby.

Little Ruggers is a non contact play programme. Specifically designed using the transferable skills of Rugby to create a fun and enjoyable environment whilst developing basic core motor skills and confidence.

Little Ruggers classes are fully insured and will be run by an experienced RFU qualified coach and assistant coaches depending on numbers in a class. Coaches are trained in paediatric first aid and enhanced CRB checked.

Some of our coaches have played and coached rugby and some at a high level who will ensure a fun and caring environment.

Our aim is to provide a fun, sociable, sporting atmosphere for all members and parents.

 As children move from being infants to toddlers they become more self sufficient, wanting to explore and affirm their independence. We encourage this by the way our sessions are structured so they are stimulating and exciting. The formats are changed on a regular basis to maintain their interest. Through a range of fun activities using child friendly equipment the children will develop better hand to eye co-ordination, balance and agility and that in turn helps social development through the promotion of self esteem. The classes are held indoors in a safe and suitable environments such as sports halls and where suitable in Rugby Clubs themselves.

The Main Bits!

Our club participates in the following activities:

  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
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