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  1. on Monday 31st Aug, 2015, 11:00am - 12:00pm
    Confidence Academy Newbridge School Forest Road Coalville
  2. on Monday 31st Aug, 2015, 11:00am - 12:00pm
    Confidence Academy Newbridge School Forest Road Coalville
  3. on Sunday 6th Sep, 2015, all day.
    Morna's grandmother began a problem letter page around 1914 and these are the letters maids wrote speaking about their loneliness and when the War started soldiers wrote from the Front and sometimes they were put in touch with each other.
  4. on Tuesday 8th Sep, 2015, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
    Should be a very interesting meeting about The McRoberts Family who lost 3 sons during WWII
  5. on Friday 28th Aug, 2015, all day.
    Heritage Room will be open for the afternoon of the Gala from 1pm-4pm.
    Browse through our artefacts and find out about your ancestors.
    Members there to answer your questions.
  6. The workshops have been very sucessful in this year. The numbers have been good with new members coming regularly. We have recently joined the Federation of Bitish Bonsai Societies.

    The next highlight will be the return visit of John Trott of Mendip Bonsai Studio in October for another workshop. Always a superb workshop with one of the best bonsai artists in the country.

    The meeting will run from 7pm., to 10 pm.

  7. As we have taken ice this year at Murrayfield members will need to join the Edinburgh Curling Club who run the facility. Membership costs £10 pa and can be obtained from their website:

  8.  With the season starting earlier than ever and despite the warm weather 16 members donned their winter wollies and headed to The Peak for the Opening Bonspiel. Four teams were cobbled together and after a series of two end round robin matches David hewitt and his rink of Allan Frickleton, Steve McKenzie and Tony Smith emerged victorious.


    George McNeil 1 end 1 shot John Irving 1 end 1 shot

    David Lunt 1 end 1 shot David Hewitt 1 end 3 shots

    John Irving 1 end 2 shots David Hewitt 1 end 2 shots

    George McNeill 1 end 1 shot David Lunt 1 end 1 shot

    David Hewitt 2 ends 5 shots George McNeill 0 ends 0 shots

    David Lunt 1 end 2 shots John Irving 1 end 4 shots

    Final Table

      Ends For Ends Against Ends Up / Down Shots For Shots Against Shots Up / Down
    David Hewitt 4 2 2 8 3 5
    David Lunt 3 3 0 6 6 0
    John Irving 3 3 0 5 7 -2
    George McNeill 2 4 -2 2 5 -3


  9. on Wednesday 7th Oct, 2015, 7:30pm - 10:30pm
    If you want to play chess or require help with improving your chess skills come along and see what we can do for you.
  10. on Wednesday 9th Sep, 2015, 7:30pm - 10:30pm
    If you want to play chess or require help with improving your chess skills come along and see what we can do for you.
  11. on Wednesday 2nd Sep, 2015, 7:30pm - 10:30pm
    If you want to play chess or require help with improving your chess skills come along and see what we can do for you.
  12. on Wednesday 18th May, 2016, 7:45pm - 9:45pm
    Whiteoak Indoor Bowls Centre

  14. The Naval Field Gun Run held in the main arena during the 30th Signals Regiment Open Day at Gamecock barracks proved to be an extremely exciting head to head challenge between the Royal Air Force Air Cadets of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron and a second composite team made up of Air Cadets, former members of 121 Squadron and serving members of 30 Signals Regiment.

    The Cadet Field Gun Run has been one of the headline, main arena events of the Gamecock Barracks Open Day for many years and the Air Cadets Gun Team from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron were all set to continue the tradition. Suddenly during the week before the big day they found out that the team they were expecting to run against couldn’t attend.

    So in keeping with one of the best armed forces core skills, it was time for some last minute improvisation and a change of plan (or panic, as it’s commonly known in civvy street). But just where do you get a team of ten to Run the Gun at such short notice?

    In a desperate bid, not to let the side down, the call went out for volunteers to help to form a second team. Thankfully the Squadron managed to pull together another team which comprised of five members of the Squadron three former cadets and two members of 30 Signals Regiment.

    So thanks to former Gun Running Air Cadets Paige Howitt, Ryan Easterlow and Samuel Baynes together with Signaller Scott Martin and Lance Corporal Gaz Philips of 30 Signals Regiment the 2015 Gamecock Barracks Open Day Gun Run was all ready to go.

    This hard fought race between the all cadet team and the hastily assembled team led by the regulars from the 30 Signals Regiment proved to be a real crowd pleaser with both teams being cheered on by the large and enthusiastic crowd. The youngsters from the Air Cadets were the first to run the gun in a timed challenge against the composite team who were running the gun in competition for the first time.

    The two teams of ten ran the Field Gun against the clock, disassembling, reassembling and manhandling the replica gun and limber around the gruelling course. Both teams provided an excellent demonstration of teamwork and discipline with the composite team completing the run in the shortest time thus taking the Gun Run trophy.

    Flt Lt Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “I am glad to say that the Cadet Field Gun Run continues to act as an excellent demonstration of the importance of teamwork within the forces. All the cadets and I am delighted to say the volunteers; former cadets and members of 30 Signals who stepped in at the last moment have all worked extremely hard today in a bid to keep the Gun Running and help to make the 30th Signals Regiment Open Day such a success. A massive Thank You to everyone involved.“

  15. Field Gun Running, Royal Air Force Air Cadets and Forces Veterans went head to head in the main arena during the Nuneaton Armed Forces Day event.

    As the121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Cadet and Veterans Contact Point gun teams marched out into the main arena to run the Gun, both teams were determined to win.

    This hard fought race between the ages proved to be a real crowd pleaser with both teams being cheered on by the large and enthusiastic crowd. The youngsters from the Air Cadets were the first to run the gun in a timed challenge against the team of Armed Forces Veterans who were running the gun in competition against the cadets  for the third time.

    After both teams had completed their runs it was the Air Cadets who had proved once again to be the victors.

    The Armed Forces Fun Day event was organised by the Veterans Contact Point (VCP) in partnership with the Nepalese Community of Nuneaton, who, to mark 200  years of Gurkha  services with the British Army, had turned a section of the display ground into a replica of a small Nepalese village.

    Flt Lt Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “I am glad to say that once again, the Gun Run continues to act as an excellent demonstration of the importance of teamwork within the forces. All the cadets and I am delighted to say the veterans from the Veterans Contact Point have all worked extremely hard today and I am glad that both the Veterans and Cadets have been able to do their bit to help to make the Armed Forces Fun Day such a success.

    He added, “I was also pleased to see so many local people come and support Armed Forces Day, with all of Nuneaton’s generations coming together to show our respect to the Armed Forces.”

  16. On Sunday 7th June, Cadets Faith Hughes and Ben Little were part of the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Athletics Team competing in the Regional Championships at Bedford Stadium.

    The pair, both members of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron had been medal winners in a number of events at the previous Wing Athletics Championship.

    On a hot day the pair competed in a number of events with Cadet Hughes getting the Wing team off to a great start by winning the first Gold Medal of the day in the Class D 400 Metre race. She then won the Silver Medal in the Class D 800 Metre race.

    Cadet Little was a member of the Class A Relay team that finished 4th, sadly just outside of the medal positions.

    The two cadets did their best for the Squadron, the Wing and for themselves and the Squadron Staff applaud theme for their efforts.

  17. Members of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron took full advantage of the summer weather when they joined thousands of revellers who turned out to support Nuneaton’s Carnival day Gala.

    The Nuneaton based Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Civilian Committee members and staff set up the Wing gazebo as a Recruiting stand and really got into the fun loving spirit of the day.

    Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks said, "It was a really hot day which helped to bring out large numbers of people. We had loads of visitors to our stand and it was also a good opportunity for us to network with many of the other local community groups who also had stands at the Gala. I would like to thank the cadets, committee members and staff who came along to help man our recruiting stand and would also thank the Nuneaton Carnival organisers who definitely gave everyone a reason to have a brilliant day out.

  18. Service Veterans from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and other ex-service organisations from across the county gathered in tribute to remember the D-Day landings which took place 71 years ago on Jun 6th 1944.

    The Drums of the Band of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps, led a colourful parade of Standards, ex service and cadet contingents as they marched through Nuneaton's Riversly Park to the town's War Memorial for an open air service to remember the men who took part in the biggest seaborne invasion in history.

    As old soldiers, together with cadet contingents and members of the public stood in silent remembrance, the bugler sounded the Last Post and the standards were dipped in salute at the beginning of the silence. Wreaths were laid in remembrance of all those who gave their lives in the service of their country.

    Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron said, “We are always glad to be given the opportunity to take part in ex service community events like this. Last year being the 70th Anniversary of the landings, many of our cadets had the opportunity of being able to see the Map Room at Southwick Park where the D-Day landings were planned. So many young people today have no idea what it must have been like for those men, not much older than themselves who went through so much on those beaches and we will do our best to ensure that their actions are not forgotten.”

  19. Royal Air Force Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron and the Nuneaton Army Cadets took centre stage in the main arena as they 'Ran the Gun' at the recent Parachute Regiment Spectacular in Bedworth.

    The Army and Air Cadet teams provided a demonstration of teamwork and discipline in the main arena as they conducted their individual time trials using a scaled replica of the equipment traditionally used by the Royal Navy at the Royal Tournament since 1912. Hundreds of spectators were held spellbound as the teams of 10 cadets disassembled, reassembled and manhandled the replica gun and limber around a gruelling course.

    The Gun Run competition was a face-off between the Army and the Air Cadets, as both teams battled it out to see who could assemble and disassembled their guns in the fastest time.

    Following an extremely close run the Air Cadets came out on top.

    As well as running the gun the youngsters from the Army and Air Cadets also formed up in the arena as a combined Cadet Band which did an excellent job of entertaining the large and enthusiastic crowd.

    The highlight of the Parachute Regiment Spectacular organised by the Bedworth Branch of the Parachute Regiment Association came as four Jump 4 Heroes Free Fall parachutists jumped from their helicopter and battled the high winds to make a pinpoint landing on target on the arena.

    Flt Lt Paul Hincks officer commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, "This was a fantastic public relations opportunity for the Cadet Forces as a whole and I am delighted to say that the Field Gun Run display has been greatly enhanced by having the Army Cadets on board. I was so pleased to see how well the Army & Air Cadets worked together during the Gun Run and as a combined band” .

    He added, “The cadets have all worked extremely hard to perfect what has proved to be a spectacular demonstration of teamwork and music, something we should all be proud of especially when you consider that this was the first time that many of the cadets had run the gun in public. We all had a fantastic day and the final parade by the members of the Parachute Regiment Association and Cadet Forces was a true spectacle of colour led by the Parachute Regiment Band and Parachute Regiment Association standards. I would take this opportunity to thank the members of the Bedworth Branch of the Parachute Regiment Association for their hospitality"

  20. Royal Air Force Air Cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) and 198 (Hinckley) Squadrons joined forces once again to put another group of 16 cadets through the Expedition element of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

    One group of youngsters including four Nuneaton based cadets undertook their final Bronze level qualifying expedition and the other group of cadets, who had spent weeks undergoing intensive training took part in their first practice expedition.

    The cadets from both Squadrons worked extremely well together within their groups, each taking their part in the map reading as they navigated their way around the two day route through the Leicestershire countryside between Burbage Common and Ullesthorpe, sleeping under canvas overnight at the Ullesthorpe Scout Campsite.

    Despite the periods of intensive rain and high winds the cadets braved everything the weather could throw at them and remained in good spirits.

    Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Flt Lt Paul Hincks said "The cadets have worked extremely hard to get through their Bronze expeditions.  I am really proud of all of them and would also like to thank all the staff from both Squadrons that got them there. The whole team, staff and cadets, from both units enjoyed the opportunity to get out into the countryside and work together so well”.

     “We are now looking forward to seeing the cadets who underwent the qualifying expedition complete their final elements of the Bronze level award.”

  21. A good win for the team to round off our season, confirming a third place finish in the table. With Barry Les and Roy running riot on their rink backed up by a win from Keith, Trevor and Rita, while Cliff, Glen and myself earned a hard fought draw, and Jennie, Peter and David going down quite heavily. Sorry I didn't get any shot scores as it was too dark to see the other end of the rink and they took the scoreboards straight in

  22. Royal Air Force Air Cadets and members of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron’s Civilian Committee were out in support of the Nuneaton ‘Run for Nepal’ in aid of the Earthquake Disaster Appeal.

    Despite the heavy rain the event was a tremendous success and we hope that the fund raising efforts of all the runners has helped to add a massive boost to the Earthquake Disaster Appeal.

    Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Flt Lt Paul Hincks said, I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who turned out to support the Run for Nepal  event,  especially our cadets who did a brilliant job checking in the runners at the start and recording the finishing timings. I think the best measure of the way in which the cadets handled these most important tasks came from all the positive comments that came from the organisers and the many experienced runners who rely on the accuracy of the time keeping.


  23. Keith Trevor & Nigel went out to "the old enemy" Jim Daniels & company 15-24 at Gt Chesterford on a better night than we usually get there. With 4 semi finals in progress, there was plenty to keep us entertained, not least Jim and his insistence on short jacks resulting in the tape measure coming out at least half a dozen times with Jim just getting the verdict more often than not. A great effort from the boys just coming up short.

  24. Airmen who lost their lives whilst serving at Nuneaton 's two local Wartime airfields will be remembered during a special service on Battle of Britain Day.

    The 75th Anniversary service which will be taking place at the Nuneaton's Oaston Road Cemetery on Battle of Britain Sunday 13th September 2015 is being held to remember those British Commonwealth and Polish airmen who lost their lives while serving at RAF Nuneaton and RAF Bramcote during the Second World War.

    The Oaston Road Cemetery is somewhat unique in the fact that the Commonwealth War Graves and those of the Polish and Germans stand together in the same location. In fact there are over 40 Commonwealth War Graves, Navy, Army and RAF, as well as the graves of 29 Polish airmen who were serving in the RAF and 17 German servicemen.

    Flt Lt Paul Hincks RAF VR(T) who is helping to organise the service said, “In conjunction with our local ex-service community, we are looking to build on the success of last year’s remembrance service held in Nuneaton’s Oaston Road Cemetery and we would encourage as many people as possible to come along and join us for the service this year”.

    “Battle of Britain Sunday commemorates a dramatic turning point in the history of the Second World War an epic struggle in which the young men from the Commonwealth Nations, Poland and Germany were thrown into combat in the sky's over Britain ”.

    “But on Sunday 13th September, when veterans, cadet forces and members of the public gather in the Oaston Road Cemetery at the headstones of the many young men from the different nations who lost their lives, we will be remembering them all as young men who had one thing in common, they all paid the ultimate sacrifice for their respective nations. Every single one of these men was someone's Son, Husband, Father or Brother, whose fate and a moment of history had brought them together as friend or foe. So I hope that the different sections of our community British, Polish and German will be able to come together once again in a spirit of reconciliation and unite to remember them all”.

    Ex-service groups and members of the public are all quite welcome to come along and take part in the Battle of Britain Day Service of Reconciliation on the 13th September at the Oaston Road Cemetery (CV11 6JZ). The parade of standards will be forming up at 13:45hrs and the service is set to commence at 14:00hrs.

    Please note that Wreaths and other tributes may be laid at the graves during the service.

    Those attending the service are asked to use on street parking in Oaston Road and on the Whitacre Road industrial estate.

    We do appreciate the fact that this event may cause some minor disruption to the normality of the Oaston Road Cemetery on this day and there will be a restriction on the movement of vehicles within the area of the War Graves were the service is being held, however we will try to minimise any inconvenience to other visitors to the Cemetery and would actually encourage anyone who may be visiting the site to pay their respects to their relatives to come and join us.

  25. Nuneaton based Royal Air Force Air Cadets took to the air with the Pathfinder Club at RAF Wyton as part of a new initiative to provide more opportunities for cadets to fly in civil aircraft.

    This was a unique opportunity for the cadets to undergo Air Experience Flying in civil aircraft and hopefully the success of this type of flying will lead to the opportunity for many more cadets to take to the air in the Robin aircraft with the Pathfinders.

    On arrival at RAF Wyton the twelve cadets from three different Squadrons within the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing were split up into groups of three so that they had the opportunity to fly with other people rather than their normal squadron contacts. They then went for their half hour flights in the Pathfinder Cub’s Robin. During their flight the pilot demonstrated the aircraft’s flying controls instruments and basic manoeuvres all of which helped to build upon the Airmanship and Principals of Flight theory that the cadets had been taught in the classroom at their Squadrons.

    For many of the youngsters, this was their first flight as an Air Cadet and for those who had previous flying experience in the RAF’s Tutor, it was a good opportunity to compare their previous military flying experience with that of civil flying with the Pathfinders.

    After his flight Cadet Cpl Matthew Waudby who had previous flying experience summarised his flight as a wonderful opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the flight without the pressure of having to take control and point the aircraft in any particular direction. Yes having the chance to fly an RAF aircraft yourself is amazing but for once it was good to be able to relax and just take in the thrill of the flight.

    Feedback from the other cadets was very positive. Several of them felt that flying in the Robin had the added bonus of being able to fly with their colleagues and therefore have a chance to discuss the experience with their peers whilst it is happening rather than after the event.

    While waiting for their flights and as an added bonus to a day of flying, the cadets were also given the opportunity to fly their very own circuit on one of the Wyton based Air Cadet Regional Activity Centre’s Vigilant glider simulators.

    To cap off an outstanding day of Pathfinder flying the cadets were also treated to a flypast by a Bristol Blenheim that was visiting RAF Wyton the former home of the first WW2 Bomber Command Pathfinders.

    Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron, one of the staff who accompanied the cadets said, “I think I speak for all the cadets who flew today when I say that they have had unique opportunity to fly with the Pathfinders who have really given them a brilliant day to remember. I would also thank all those who have worked so hard to make today’s civil air experience flying possible, the staff at No.2 Flying Training School,  Wing Commander Bernard Tisley,  Flight Lieutenant Roger Smith and of course the members of the Pathfinder Club themselves”.

    “Hopefully today’s flying success will lead to the opportunity for many more cadets to take to the air in the Robin with the Pathfinders”.

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