Netball Clubs Found In Your Area
Miles Name Town Activities
0.24 Leighton Recreation Centre Westbury Netball
4.41 5.0 Trowbridge Trojans Netball Club Keevil, Trowbridge Netball
4.46 Bee-jays Netball Club Trowbridge Netball
6.82 Holt Netball Club Trowbridge Netball
13.86 Paulton Rovers Netball Club Bristol Netball
14.55 Chippenham Sports Club Chippenham, Wiltshire Netball
19.95 Indoor Netball Association Bristol Bristol Netball
20.63 Blue Jays N C Salisbury Netball
21.31 Blue Jays Netball Club SALISBURY Netball
21.33 Airborne Netball Club Bristol Netball
21.78 Genesis Netball Club Bristol Netball
22.33 PSL Panthers Netball Club Bristol Netball
22.89 Wired Netball Club Bristol Netball
24.58 Independents Netball Club Bristol Netball
28.73 Raychem Netball Club Swindon Netball
32.88 Shrivenham Ladies Netball Club Shrivenham Netball
33.54 Ferndown Junior Netball Club Ferndown Netball
36.06 Doodlebugs Netball Club Poole Netball
36.84 Calmore Ladies Netball Club Ashurst, Cadnam, Totton Netball
37.39 Bridgwater Netball Club Bridgwater Netball
40.11 River Park Leisure Centre Winchester Netball
43.33 Galmington Netball Club Taunton Netball
43.71 Fun & Fitness - Non league Ladies Netball Southampton / Eastleigh Netball
44.16 Hucclecote Netball Club Cheltenham Netball
44.26 Swaythling Junior Netball Club Southampton Netball
44.30 Swaythling Junior Netball Club Southampton Netball
44.34 Llanrumney Incredibles Cardiff Netball
45.18 5.0 Cardiff Dragons Korfball Club Cardiff Netball
48.32 Abingdon Centre Netball Club Abingdon Netball
48.98 Creigiau Netball Club Cardiff Netball
49.08 RG7 Netball Club Reading Netball
51.14 Challengers Netball Club Tewkesbury Netball
53.40 Oxford Royals Netball Club Oxford Netball
54.01 Abbey Netball Club Oxford Netball
54.26 Marcatus Netball Club Reading Netball
54.68 Kidlington Netball Club Woodstock Netball
55.45 Chalgrove Ladies Netball CHALGROVE Netball
55.89 Laurel Park Netball Club Reading Netball
57.07 Nuffield Sports Centre & St Pauls Gym Portsmouth Netball
57.23 Havant Netball Club Waterlooville Netball
57.52 5.0 Watlington Ladies Netball Club Oxford Netball
57.56 Finchampstead Netball Club Wokingham Netball
58.08 Meon Netball Club Portsmouth Netball
58.70 BUGs BORDON Netball
58.80 5.0 Malvern Netball MALVERN COLLEGE Netball
59.26 Cullompton Ladies Netball Club CULLOMPTON Netball
60.71 Hereford Leisure Centre Hereford Netball
60.94 Surrey Panthers Netball Club Camberley Netball
60.94 Surrey Panthers Netball Club GU17-9BW Netball
60.99 Dulverton Netball Club DULVERTON Netball
61.44 Social Netball Thame Netball
61.88 Farnborough Jets Korfball Club Farnborough Netball
62.12 Tongham Netball Club Aldershot, Farnborough Netball
62.12 Thame Netball Club THAME Netball
65.21 Worcester City Netball Club WORCESTER Netball
65.26 Panthers Netball Club Chichester Netball
65.96 the Bromyard Centre Herefordshire Netball
67.54 Exeter Pink Hearts Netball Club Exeter Netball
68.29 Surrey Sports Park GUILDFORD Netball
68.76 Guildford City Netball Club Guildford Netball
68.84 Exeter Netball Club Exeter Netball
68.89 Exeter Netball Club Exeter Netball
70.42 Tringham Netball Club WOKING Netball
70.90 Leominster Leisure Centre Herefordshire Netball
72.51 ASTRA NETBALL CLUB Chertsey, Ottershaw Netball
72.81 East Berkshire college sports centre SLOUGH Netball
72.82 5.0 Astra Netball Club Chertsey Netball
73.08 Woking Korfball Club Surrey Netball
76.84 Gems Netball Club COBHAM SURREY Netball
77.34 Yoga in Worcestershire Bewdley Netball
77.53 Blaze Netball Club Hayes Netball
78.81 Oxshott Netball Club Leatherhead, Oxshott Netball
79.21 MK Roos Korfball Club Milton Keynes Netball
79.57 Panthers netball Swansea Netball
79.71 Teddington Netball Club Twickenham/Whitton Netball
79.72 MK Titans Netball Club Milton Keynes Netball
79.80 Llanelli All Stars SWANSEA Netball
80.09 Dark Stars Ruislip Netball
80.09 Dark Stars Netball Club Ruislip Netball
80.12 5.0 Athenians Netball Club Middx. Netball
80.12 Charville Netball Club Ruislip Netball
80.22 Yoga in Kidderminster Kidderminster Netball
80.32 Milton Keynes Bucks Korfball Club Milton Keynes Netball
80.37 Shelley Netball Club Hemel Hempstead Netball
80.43 netball united netball club Milton Keynes Netball
80.43 netball united netball club Milton Keynes Netball
80.67 Teddington Swans Netball Club (Twickenham) Twickenham Netball
80.89 Paragons Netball Club Swansea Netball
81.20 Dacorum Youth Development Netball Club HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Netball
81.34 492 (Solihull) Squadron Air Cadets Solihull Netball
81.34 Grasshoppers Netball Club Isleworth Netball
81.64 Grasshoppers Rugby Football Sports & Social Club London, Isleworth Netball
81.67 Kajima Community W71JJ Netball
81.68 Teddington Thunder Netball Club Teddington Netball
81.73 Flames Netball Club WATFORD Netball
81.82 Carol Anne Netball Club Barnstaple Netball
82.12 Dacorum Netball Club Hemel Hempstead Netball
83.12 MK Lakers Korfball Club Milton Keynes Netball
83.56 Old Actonians Sports Club Ealing Netball
83.95 The All Nations Acton Netball Ealing Netball
83.96 The All Nations Acton Netball Acton Netball
84.00 Nomads Korfball Club EPSOM Netball
85.02 OCs Netball Club Sutton Netball
85.02 Saints Netball Club Sutton Netball
85.26 2030 ( Elmdon & Yardley ) Squadron RAF Air Cadets Birmingham Netball
85.49 Social Sports Club London Netball
85.94 Ashmore netball club Northampton Netball
86.20 Fairlands Netball Club Sutton, Netball
86.32 Duston Netball Club Northampton Netball
86.68 Kardale Netball Club ST ALBANS Netball
86.79 The All Nations Netball Wandsworth Netball
87.02 Poly Netball Club London Netball
87.15 Social Netball Fulham, Parsons Green Netball
87.19 Netball Fever London Netball
87.32 Foilit Netball Club NORTHAMPTON Netball
87.39 Mk titans SHENLEY Netball
87.74 Battersea Sports Centre London Netball
87.74 Karisma Netball Club Battersea Netball
87.88 Bolney Ladies Netball Club Bolney Netball
88.04 207 (Cranfield) Squadron Air Training Corps Beds Netball
88.05 Mitcham Korfball Club Coulsdon Netball
88.37 1st Life Mgt Netball Battersea Netball
88.42 Midrange Netball Club Tipton Netball
89.29 GO Mammoth Social Sports Club Clapham Netball
89.99 Chequers Netball Club Croydon Netball
90.20 Royal Tigers London Netball
90.40 Oakwood Netball Club LONDON Netball
90.40 Tiffin Netball Club LONDON/SURREY Netball
90.42 5.0 Cumberland Netball Club London Netball
90.54 Sutton United Netball Club Sutton Coldfield Netball
90.80 Top Corner London Netball
91.42 LSBU Sports Centre London Netball
91.76 Hillcrest Netball Club Warlingham Netball
91.95 Trinity Netball Club Croydon Netball
92.09 Croydon Korfball Club Croydon Netball
92.16 Highlanders Netball Club Surrey Netball
92.51 HS Netball Club Croydon Netball
92.89 The All Nations Southwark Social Netball Competition Southwark Netball
93.20 John Orwell Sports Centre London Netball
93.84 Wilstead Netball Club Bedford Netball
93.85 Club Langley Netball Club Beckenham Netball
94.00 EAST GRINSTEAD SPORTS CLUB Dormans Park, East Grinstead, Sharpthorne Netball
94.38 5.0 Britannia Royals Netball Club Homerton Netball
94.84 Southdown Netball Club Dormans Park, East Grinstead, Sharpthorne Netball
95.30 Island Netball Club London Netball
95.43 Palmers Green Netball Club Enfield Netball
95.59 Poise Therapy Massage Waltham Cross Netball
95.73 Wellingborough Netball League Wellingborough Netball
95.74 5.0 DOLPHIN NETBALL CLUB Wellingborough Netball
95.76 Hinckley Ladies Netball Club Hinckley Netball
95.90 London Lionhearts Leyton Netball
96.02 5.0 Colfe's Leisure Centre London Netball
96.31 Wellingborough Sunday Netball League Northants Netball
96.47 Sharnbrook Community Sports Centre Sharnbrook Netball
96.64 Northants JMs Wellingborough Netball
97.27 sylvestrian leisure centre Walthamstow Netball
97.44 Electra Eltham, Mottingham Netball
97.69 Aquila Netball Club Eltham, Mottingham Netball
98.20 Pemberton Centre Rushden Netball
98.54 Aqua Netball Club Kent Netball
98.55 Woodford Warriors Netball Club Woodford Green Netball
98.84 Burntwood Leisure Centre Burntwood Netball
99.28 Baldock Crusaders Netball Club Baldock Netball
99.64 Westcombe Park Netball Club Orpington Netball
99.72 TURNFORD NETBALL CLUB Hoddesdon Netball
99.73 Hornets Netball Club Sidcup Netball
100.62 Ilford Netball Club Ilford, Essex Netball
100.84 Rsc Youth Netball Club BARKINGSIDE Netball
100.97 Ford Sports and Social Club Ilford Netball
101.40 Abbey Angels Netball Team Erith Netball
101.50 Castle Green Sports Centre Dagenham Netball
101.75 Leicester City Tornadoes Korfball Club Leicester Netball
102.21 Swanley Netball Club Swanley Netball
102.45 Otford Netball Club Sevenoaks Netball
102.85 Wealden Netball Club SEVENOAKS Netball
104.19 1F (City of Leicester) Air Training Corps (ATC) Leicester Netball
104.85 2070 (Glenfield) Air Training Corps Leicester Netball
105.39 Telstars Netball Club BROMLEY / DARTFORD Netball
108.60 corby netball club CORBY Netball
109.70 Istead Rise Netball Club Gravesend Netball
110.44 Brentwood Netball Club Brentwood Netball
111.31 Alsortz Netball Club Tilbury Netball
111.74 Stansted Sparks Stansted Mountfitchet Netball
111.82 Stansted Netball - Corkers Stansted Mountfitchet Netball
112.40 Loughborough Leisure Centre Leicestershire Netball
112.54 Cambourne Netball Club CAMBOURNE Netball
113.57 5.0 Huntingdon Social Netball Huntingdon Netball
113.81 Comberton Leisure Cambridge Netball
113.81 Comberton Netball Club Cambridge Netball
114.40 5.0 Bears Netball Club Stanford-le-Hope Netball
114.89 AYLESFORD BULLS R F C Aylesford Netball
116.99 Flames Netball Club Basildon Netball
117.30 Thistle Netball Club Loughborough, Belton, East Leake, Quorn, Shepshed, Sileby, Wymeswold Netball
117.42 Macklins Netball Club Chatham Netball
117.61 Over Netball Club Cambridgeshire Netball
118.52 Cambridgeshire Minibus Brokerage Scheme (CaMBS) Cambridge, Caxton, Comberton, Elsworth, Madingley, Papworth St Agnes Netball
118.52 CaMBS Cambridgeshire Minibus Brokerage Scheme Cambridge Netball
119.15 Mission Impossible 7 Cambridge Netball