Badminton is one of the Worlds most popular sports. With hundreds of badminton clubs of every standard it shouldn't be hard to find a badminton club to suit you. Find a badminton club or badminton league near you using the Clubbz Badminton directory.

Badminton Clubs Found In Your Area
Miles Name Town Activities
0.00 Avon Vale Badminton Club Clevedon Badminton
0.00 Bath & Admiralty Badminton Club Bath Badminton
0.00 Blue Triangle Badminton Club Altrincham Badminton
0.00 Craighelen Badminton Club Helensburgh Badminton
0.00 Deddington Badminton Club Banbury Badminton
0.00 East Sutherland Badminton Club KW10 6RF Badminton
0.00 East Thurrock Badminton Club Stanford Le Hope Badminton
0.00 GGS Badminton Club Gravesend Badminton
0.00 4.0 Hunters Badminton Club Romford Badminton
0.00 Huyton Badminton Club Huyton Badminton
0.00 Langley Senior Badminton Club Solihull Badminton
0.00 Malmesbury Wanderers Badminton Club Chippenham Badminton
0.00 Mellor Lacrosse Club Mellor Badminton
0.00 NatWest Badminton Club Welling Badminton
0.00 Peterborough City Badminton Club Peterborough Badminton
0.00 5.0 River Maun Recreation Centre's Table Tennis Club Mansfield, Badminton
0.00 Shepley Badminton Club Sheffield Badminton
0.00 South Birmingham Junior Badminton and colts clubs Birmingham Badminton
0.00 Stantonbury Arts & Leisure Milton Keynes Badminton
0.00 Tyneside Badminton Centre Newcastle upon Tyne Badminton
0.00 Tyneside Sharks Junior Badminton Club Newcastle upon Tyne Badminton
0.00 Watford Badminton Club Watford Badminton
0.00 Wrenthorpe Badminton Club, Wakefield Wakefield Badminton
0.00 xxx Benfleet Badminton
9.82 Edenfield Badminton Club Rossendale Badminton
15.01 Alpha Whitworth Badminton Club Rochdale Badminton
16.94 Markland Hill Badminton Club Bolton Badminton
17.84 Settle Badminton Club GIGGLESWICK Badminton
17.97 Deane Badminton Club Bolton Badminton
18.33 Skipton Badminton Club Skipton Badminton
19.27 Oakgate Badminton Club Bury Badminton
19.28 Kirkham Charter Badminton Club Kirkham Badminton
19.57 Ribby Hall Badminton Club Wrea Green Badminton
19.66 Warton Juniors Badminton Club Preston Badminton
20.29 Keighley Kobras Junior Badminton Club Keighley Badminton
21.04 Storeys Badminton Club Lancaster Badminton
21.48 Sunnyside Badminton Club, Lancaster Lancaster Badminton
21.64 Howe Bridge Junior Badminton Club Atherton Badminton
21.69 Hawks Junior Badminton Club Atherton Badminton
21.93 B4BC Leigh Badminton
23.11 Oakwood Youth Club Salford Badminton
24.55 Fleetwood Badminton Club THORNTON-CLEVELEYS Badminton
24.71 Albany Badminton Club Lytham St. Anne's Badminton
24.71 Lidunians Badminton Club Lytham St. Anne's Badminton
24.82 Belle Vue Badminton Club Bradford Badminton
24.82 Bingley Badminton Club Bradford Badminton
24.82 Provident Badminton Club Bradford Badminton
25.29 Halifax and Huddersfield IVC Huddersfield Badminton
25.29 Halifax Huddersfield IVC Huddersfield Badminton
25.55 Ormskirk Badminton Club Ormskirk Badminton
25.99 Urmston Badminton Club Manchester Badminton
26.25 Westend Park Badminton club Southport Badminton
27.25 Oxford Park Badminton Club Ashton-Under-Lyne Badminton
27.69 Eccleshill Badminton Club Bradford Badminton
27.89 Ilkley Badminton Club Ilkley Badminton
27.92 Old Grangers Badminton Club Bradford Badminton
27.99 Mossley Badminton club DUKINFIELD Badminton
28.27 Silver Feather Badminton Sale Badminton
28.27 Pyramid Ventura Badminton Club Manchester Badminton
28.56 5.0 Menston St Marys Badminton Leeds Badminton
29.71 MidwayRally Badminton Club Stockport Badminton
29.74 Trafford Badminton Club Manchester Badminton
30.26 Sutton Badminton Club St Helens Badminton
30.26 5.0 Sandra Rider's Active Life Club Pudsey Badminton
30.27 5.0 The Otley Badminton Club Otley Badminton
30.88 Farsley Celtic Badminton Club Pudsey, Leeds Badminton
30.94 Activate Fun WARRINGTON Badminton
31.92 Cheadle Ladies Badminton Club Stockport Badminton
32.88 Parents and Old WACS Badminton Club Cheadle Hulme, Heald Green Badminton
32.93 Appleton Hall Badminton Club Warrington Badminton
33.46 Carrington Badminton Club Cheshire Badminton
34.01 Indoor Trampoline Park London Leeds Badminton
35.11 Woodford Badminton Club Stockport Badminton
35.24 1.0 Clumber Road Badminton Club Cheshire Badminton
35.24 Clumber Road Badminton Club Stockport, Disley, Poynton Badminton
35.56 North East Cheshire School of Massage Stockport, Disley, Poynton Badminton
35.72 5.0 Headingley Badminton Club Leeds Badminton
35.72 Scott Hall Badminton Club Leeds Badminton
36.11 New Mills Leisure Centre High Peak Badminton
36.24 Knutsford Badminton Club Knutsford Badminton
36.30 Middleton Friday Night Project MIDDLETON LS10 4AX Badminton
36.76 5.0 Roundhegians Badminton Club Leeds Badminton
37.02 Empire Directors Leeds Badminton
37.56 Harrogate Badminton League Harrogate Badminton
37.59 North Yorkshire Performance Centre Harrogate Badminton
38.25 Pozitive Badminton Juniors LA130NY Badminton
38.94 Wakefield Warriors Wakefield Badminton
39.23 KFC Bidston Prenton Badminton
39.26 Wizards Junior Badminton Club Alderley Edge Badminton
39.45 Northwich Badminton Club Northwich Badminton
39.73 Rock Ferry Badminton Club Wirral Badminton
39.75 Wexford Badminton Club Prenton Badminton
40.28 College Green Badminton Club Macclesfield Badminton
41.01 Knaresborough Aspin KNARESBOROUGH Badminton
41.04 Woodchurch Badminton Club Birkenhead Badminton
41.74 Stocksbridge Badminton Club STOCKSBRIDGE Badminton
41.91 Ripon Nomads Badminton Club Ripon Badminton
42.12 Garforth Phoenix Badminton Club LEEDS 25 Badminton
42.35 5.0 Kingstone Badminton Club Barnsley Badminton
42.61 Kippax Templars Badminton Club Castleford Badminton
42.73 5.0 Garforth Jets Badminton Club Garforth, Aberford, South Milford Badminton
42.90 Ellesmere Port Badminton Club Ellesmere Port Badminton
42.92 Ellesmere Port Badminton Club Ellesmere Port Badminton
43.49 Goostrey Badminton Club Holmes Chapel Badminton
44.13 Beacon Badminton Club West Kirby, Wirral Badminton
44.78 Neston Badminton Club Neston Badminton
44.96 Ecclesfield Badminton Club Sheffield Badminton
45.46 5.0 Boroughbridge Badminton Club Boroughbridge Badminton
47.13 5.0 Saughall Junior Badminton Club Chester Badminton
47.23 Tadcaster '86 Badminton Club Tadcaster Badminton
48.25 Oakbrook Badminton Club Sheffield Badminton
48.38 Ranmoor Badminton Club Sheffield Badminton
49.19 Northgate Carnegie Badminton Club SOUTH ELMSALL Badminton
49.31 Broomgrove Badminton Club Sheffield Badminton
49.37 Richmond Badminton Club Richmond Badminton
50.48 Ruskin Badminton Club Crewe Badminton
50.64 Abbeydale Park Badminton Club Sheffield Badminton
52.01 Darley Dale Badminton Club Bakewell, Badminton
52.46 Cheshire Academy Badminton Club NANTWICH CW5 5HD Badminton
52.50 Crewe and Nantwich U3A Crewe Badminton
52.70 Riverside Badminton Club York Badminton
52.82 James Brindley Badminton Club Stoke-on-Trent Badminton
52.93 Whitfield Badminton Club - Stoke On Trent Stoke On Trent Badminton
53.29 No Strings Badminton York Badminton
53.36 Grenhilheg Badminton Club Dronfield Badminton
53.36 Grenhilheg Badminton Club Derbyshire Badminton
54.22 Glaxo Badminton Club Barnard Castle, Co. Durham Badminton
54.88 5.0 York Railway Institute Badminton Club York Badminton
55.32 Eppleby Badminton Club RICHMOND Badminton
56.73 5.0 Burnholme Badminton Club York Badminton
56.75 5.0 YMCA Activity Centre Stoke-on-Trent Badminton
56.97 Killamarsh Badminton Club KILLAMARSH Badminton
57.50 Stoke North Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Whitmore Badminton
58.68 New Embers Badminton Club Chesterfield Badminton
59.17 Penrith Badminton Club Penrith Badminton
59.17 Blencowe Badminton Club Cumbria Badminton
60.21 sheriff hutton badminton club sheriff hutton Badminton
61.69 The Hayfield Community Sports Doncaster Badminton
61.74 Hayfield Community Sports Doncaster Badminton
63.59 Notts Northern WORKSOP Badminton
64.65 Aycliffe Badminton Club Newton Aycliffe Badminton
67.69 Lillyhall Badminton Club Cumbria Ca28 8ug Badminton
67.79 Lammas Badminton Club Sutton in Ashfield Badminton
67.85 Mansfield Junior Badminton Club Mansfield Badminton
67.93 New Manor Badminton Club Mansfield Badminton
69.77 Kirkby Community Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
71.18 3ms Badminton Club Derby Badminton
71.69 Workington Solway Badminton Club WORKINGTON Badminton
72.02 Phoenixwood Junior Badminton Club Nottinghamshire Badminton
73.88 3MS Badminton Club Derby Badminton
75.21 Belleview badminton club Blanchland, Consett, Ebchester, Edmundbyres Badminton
75.24 Durham Swifts Durham Badminton
75.37 black veins Blanchland, Consett, Ebchester, Edmundbyres Badminton
75.76 Moorways BC Derby Badminton
75.77 Shuttles 5-7 Derby Badminton
75.85 Rolls-Royce Badminton Club DE249HX Badminton
76.05 Abbey-Dunkirk Badminton Club Derby Badminton
77.27 MARSKE BADMINTON CLUB Marske Badminton
77.38 South Hunsley Badminton Club North Ferriby, Badminton
77.39 Badminton Hadden Club Nottingham Badminton
77.47 City Community Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
77.47 Wheelchair Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
77.47 Wheelchair Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
77.60 Yoxall Badminton Club YOXALL Badminton
77.68 The night life stanley Badminton
79.00 Park View badminton club Chester-le-Street Badminton
79.43 Nottingham Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
79.43 Kirklington Social Badminton Club Southwell, Notts Badminton
79.54 Southwell Junior Badminton Club Southwell Badminton
79.88 5.0 Cannock Badminton Club Cannock Badminton
79.94 Chilwell Olympians Junior Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
79.94 Nottingham IVC Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
80.02 5.0 Forum Foxes Junior Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
80.82 Glanford Badminton Club Brigg Badminton
81.21 BEVERLEY BADMINTON CLUB Beverley Badminton
81.21 Beverley Beavers Badminton Club Beverley, Leconfield Badminton
81.78 Burntwood Leisure Centre Burntwood Badminton
81.81 Rushliffe Arena Badminton Club Nottingham Badminton
81.81 Curborough Badminton Club Lichfield Badminton
83.18 Codsall Eves Badminton Club Wolverhampton Badminton
83.77 Avenue Badminton Club Hull Badminton
83.91 RGK UofW SPORTING CLUB RHINOS Wolverhampton Badminton
84.04 Balderton Badminton Club Newark Badminton
84.38 Devon Badminton Club Newark Badminton
84.49 Gateshead Badminton Club Gateshead Badminton
84.67 Newark Badminton Club Newark-on-trent Badminton
84.69 City Sunderland Badminton Club Sunderland Badminton
85.40 Walbottle Campus Newcastle upon Tyne, Lemington Badminton
85.88 singature NE12LF Badminton
85.88 The Thai club Newcastle upon Tyne Badminton
86.03 gibson street Newcastle upon Tyne Badminton
86.03 NCBC Badminton Club Newcastle upon Tyne Badminton
86.15 Church Street Badminton Club Swadlincote Badminton
86.41 Novus Badminton Club Wolverhampton Badminton
87.29 Lincoln Badminton 8 Lincoln, Swinderby, Doddington Badminton
87.48 Ruston Sports & Social Club LINCOLN Badminton
87.90 East Hull A.B.C. Hull Badminton
88.11 Newcastle Hospitals' Badminton Club @ Gosforth Newcastle upon Tyne Badminton
88.57 Loughborough Leisure Centre Leicestershire Badminton
89.67 Badminton Group WEDNESBURY WS10 0JS Badminton