Clubs Found In Your Area
Miles Name Town Activities
0.15 Northampton Badminton Club Northampton, Moulton, Weston Favell Badminton
0.56 Weston Favell Community Basketball Club Northampton Basketball
0.74 Northampton Radio Club Northampton Amateur Radio
0.78 Northampton Lawn Tennis Club Northampton Tennis
0.78 Northampton Saints Sports & Social Club Northampton, Moulton, Weston Favell Cricket
0.78 White Tiger Taekwondo Northampton Martial Arts
0.91 Stitchers in the Barn Northampton, Moulton, Weston Favell Needlework
1.16 Northampton Ramblers Northampton Walking
1.25 staint albans charity players of northampton northampton Amateur Dramatics
1.26 Northampton Morris Men Northampton, Moulton, Weston Favell Morris Dancing
1.45 Northamptonshire Roller Derby NORTHAMPTON Roller Derby
1.45 Northants Taekwondo Northampton, Moulton, Weston Favell Martial Arts
1.61 Bodycare4u Northampton Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics
1.79 Northants Basketball Club Northampton Basketball
1.84 northampton ghost hunters Northampton Paranormal
1.88 Rushmere Tennis Club Northampton Tennis
2.04 Daventry Dog Training Club NORTHANTS Dogs
2.09 Northampton Wine Society Northampton Wine Appreciation
2.09 Northampton Meadow Speakers Northampton Public Speaking
2.20 Sons of Erin gfc Northampton Gaelic Football
2.21 5.0 Northamptonshire Trampoline Gymnastics Academy Northampton, Moulton, Weston Favell Diving, Circus Skills, Gymnastics, Skiing, Snowboarding, Kids Clubs, Leisure Centres
2.29 Vendetta Vixens Northampton, Kingsthorpe Roller Derby
2.30 Northampton Needles Allstar Cheerleading Squad Northampton Cheerleading
2.32 Moulton Morris Men Northampton Morris Dancing
2.32 5.0 Northampton Hockey Club Northampton Field Hockey
2.33 Phoenix Wheelchair Basketball Club Northampton, Moulton, Weston Favell Wheelchair Basketball
2.36 Uk-taekwondo Northants Martial Arts
2.41 Northampton Rowing Club Northampton Rowing
2.42 Northampton Fencing Club Northamtpon Fencing
2.42 The Farm Powerlifting & Weightlifting Club Northampton, Moulton, Weston Favell Keep Fit
2.42 Clubs for Young People Northampton Kayaking
2.45 Kingsthorpe Kobras Northampton, Kingsthorpe Badminton
2.68 Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy Northampton Martial Arts
2.78 northampton aikido club NN13RN Martial Arts
2.81 Blood Sweat and Tears Mixed Martial Arts Academy Northampton Aerobics, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Boxing
2.91 Northampton and Wellingborough Sea Cadets Northampton Football, Swimming, Sailing, Kayaking, Wind Surfing, Rowing, Motor Boat, Sea Cadets, Shooting
2.97 Northampton Ki Aikido Club Northampton Martial Arts
3.00 Northampton 80 Lions Club Northampton Lions
3.06 Classic Car and Bike Meet Northampton, Creaton, Crick, Earls Barton, East Haddon, Long Buckby, Maidwell, Walgrave, Wel Motor Car, Motor Cycle
3.07 Foilit Netball Club NORTHAMPTON Netball
3.07 3.0 Ignite Cheer NORTHAMPTON Dancing, Cheerleading
3.07 Just Digital Photography Club NORTHAMPTON Computers
3.17 Northampton Morris Men NORTHAMPTON Morris Dancing
3.17 Sir William Harrington's Companye NORTHAMPTON Historical Re-enactment
3.25 Topnotch Health Club Northampton Swimming, Aerobics, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Boxing
3.26 Earls Barton United Football Club Northampton Football
3.31 Northampton Probus 3 Northampton Probus
3.33 Pro Martial Arts Northampton Martial Arts
3.36 Kingsthorpe Bowling Club Northampton, Kingsthorpe Bowling
3.47 Northampton Society of Model Engineers Ltd Northampton Train Enthusiasts
3.48 Earls Barton Players Earls Barton Amateur Dramatics
3.50 Earls Barton Ladies Hockey Club EARLS BARTON Field Hockey
3.57 Queen Eleanor FootballClub Northampton Football
3.60 22 Northampton Whitehills scouts KINGSTHORPE Scouts
3.69 Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Northampton Martial Arts
3.70 Intensive Training Group Northampton Martial Arts
3.72 Just Digital photography club Northampton Photography
3.73 Northampton Camera Club Northampton Photography
3.79 Heyford Bowls Club NETHER HEYFORD Bowling
3.86 NCAAC Gymnastics Club Northampton Gymnastics
3.96 5.0 Gymnastricks Northampton Kids Clubs, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Keep Fit
4.01 Northampton Rock Choir Northampton Music Groups, Dancing, Singing
4.10 Northampton Shooting Ground Northampton, Creaton, Crick, Earls Barton, East Haddon, Long Buckby, Maidwell, Walgrave, Wel Shooting
4.22 dancepod Northampton Dancing
4.26 northants paranormal research society Northamptonshire Paranormal
4.34 Jumpz Gymnastics Club Northampton Gymnastics, Keep Fit
4.38 Duston United Tennis Club Northampton Tennis
4.38 northampton west end bowls club Northampton Bowling
4.39 Northampton Judo Club Northampton Martial Arts
4.42 Northampton Judo Club Northampton Martial Arts, Kids Clubs
4.46 Ashmore netball club Northampton Netball
4.46 Mereway Badminton Club Northampton Badminton
4.46 The Kerry School of Irish Dance NORTHAMPTON Dancing
4.48 Wootton And Boars Hill Cc Abingdon Cricket
4.57 ABBEY COMMUNITY THEATRE Northampton Amateur Dramatics
4.59 Brampton Heath Golf Centre Northamptonshire Golf
4.59 Aikido Northampton Northampton Martial Arts
4.67 5.0 Northampton Water Polo Club Northampton Water polo
4.67 ECKA Northampton South Northampton Martial Arts
4.96 Brixworth Cricket Club Northants Cricket
5.17 South Northants Taekwondo Northampton Martial Arts
5.17 Gynastiricks Northampton Gymnastics
5.22 Duston Netball Club Northampton Netball
5.22 Northampton Junior Table Tennis Club Northampton Table Tennis
5.41 Wellinborough Old Gramarians Model Flying Club Wellingborough Flying Sport
5.86 Wellingborough Phoenix Basketball Club Wellingborough Basketball
5.87 Wellingborough Netball League Wellingborough Netball
5.90 5.0 DOLPHIN NETBALL CLUB Wellingborough Netball
5.90 Wellingborough Amateur Boxing Club Wellingborough Boxing
5.90 Wellingborough Phoenix Basketball Club Wellingborough Basketball
5.90 Westfield Table Tennis Club Wellingborough Table Tennis
5.97 Brixworth All Saints FC BRIXWORTH Football
6.28 Kislingbury Bowls Club Northants. Bowling
6.33 378 Mannock Squadron, Wellingborough Air Cadets Wellingborough Football, Field Hockey, Swimming, Kayaking, Camping, Walking, Climbing, Flying Sport, Air Cadets, Shooting
6.41 Wellingborough Open Archery Club Wellingborough Archery
6.61 Northants JMs Wellingborough Netball
6.66 1.0 Wellingborough & District Horticultural Society Wellingborough Gardening
6.67 Wellingborough Kempo Karate Club Wellingborough Martial Arts
6.68 Broad Green Archers WELLINGBOROUGH Archery
6.68 wellingborough cooperative amateur dramatics society WELLINGBOROUGH Amateur Dramatics
6.68 Wellingborough Old Grammarians Hockey Club WELLINGBOROUGH Field Hockey
6.72 Wollaston Victoria Football Club Wellingborough Football
6.73 Wollaston Cricket Club Wellingborough Cricket
6.75 Wellingborough Sunday Netball League Northants Netball
6.75 Wellingborough Town F.C. Wellingborough Football
6.78 Wellingborough Kickboxing Club Wellingborough Martial Arts
6.78 Shudan Martial Arts Wellingborough Martial Arts
6.86 wollaston Wellingborough Football
6.90 Waendel Walkers Club Wellingborough Walking
6.96 Arts Barn Gilbert & Sullivan Society Wellingborough Singing, Amateur Dramatics
7.01 Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club Wellingborough Swimming
7.12 wollaston victoria football club NN297QS Football
7.16 Central Badminton Club Wellingborough Badminton
7.22 Leicestershire Orienteering Club Wellingborough Orienteering
7.43 Roade Bowls Club ROADE Bowling
7.80 VivaLaVidaPicante TOWCESTER Swimming, Diving, Sailing, Kayaking, Surfing, Camping, Dancing, Cycling, Orienteering, Walking, Climbing, Paintball, Sky Diving, Skiing, Skating, Music Appreciation
8.10 Bugbrooke Rugby Club Northamptonshire Rugby Union
8.12 Rushden and District Photographic Society Wellingborough Photography
8.48 5.0 2nd Broughton Scout group kETTERING Scouts
8.78 Milton Keynes Theatre Of Comedy Ltd Milton Keynes Amateur Dramatics, Bands, Writing
8.78 MK Theatre of Comedy Olney Amateur Dramatics
8.81 Witchmen KETTERING Morris Dancing
8.93 Bugbrooke & District Flower Society Nether Heyford Flower Arranging
8.95 Northants 20s 30s Ramblers NORTHANTS Walking
9.01 Hollowell Sailing Club Hollowell Sailing
9.11 newport pagnell probus Olney Social Club
9.18 Polymnia OLNEY Music Groups
9.33 Futures Sports Northampton Field Hockey
9.46 Hyodokan Karate and Self Defence Pattishall Martial Arts
9.46 Bedford Car Club BEDFORD Motor Car
9.66 Emberton Park Sailing Club Olney Sailing
9.71 The Nomads Burton Latimer Amateur Dramatics
9.74 Pemberton Centre Rushden Football, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Dancing, Yoga, Aerobics, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Crafts, Bowling, Archery, Racketball, Kids Clubs, Leisure Centres, Weightlifting, Boccia
9.81 Cernunnos MCC Olney Motor Cycle
9.84 Kettering Operatic Society Kettering, Burton Latimer Amateur Dramatics
9.84 Kettering Volleyball Club Kettering Volleyball, Kids Clubs, Leisure Centres, Ladies Circle
9.91 Rushden Town Bowling Club Rushden Bowling
9.94 Rushden Chess Club Rushden Chess
9.99 Hanslope Players Hanslope Amateur Dramatics
10.02 Kettering Golf Club Kettering, Burton Latimer Golf
10.04 Rushden Disabled Swim Club Rushden Swimming
10.04 Splash Leisure Pool Rushden Swimming, Pool, Kids Clubs, Leisure Centres
10.11 Kettering Archers Kettering Archery
10.23 5.0 Manfield Crafts Knitting Club Rushden Crafts
10.23 Kettering Hockey Kettering Field Hockey
10.23 Spinney Tennis Club Kettering Tennis
10.29 Higham Ferrers Town Bowls Club Rushden Bowling
10.32 BloodAXE VIKINGS ! Kettering Historical Re-enactment
10.33 Rushden Sea Cadets Rushden Sea Cadets
10.37 Kettering Music & Performing Arts Centre Kettering Amateur Dramatics, Bands, Childrens Drama, Dancing, Music Groups, Orchestra, Singing
10.38 Kettering & District Theatrical Society Kettering, Burton Latimer Amateur Dramatics
10.38 Stagemasque Theatre Company Barton Seagrave Amateur Dramatics
10.38 Kettering Air Cadets Kettering, Burton Latimer Air Cadets
10.39 Melodies Theatre Academy Rushden Dancing, Singing, Childrens Drama
10.40 Royal Air Force Air Cadets 1101 Squadron KETTERING Air Cadets
10.41 Harrold Neighbourhood Watch Bedford Neighbourhood Watch
10.44 Kettering Rock Choir Kettering Singing
10.45 Glendon District Scouts KETTERING & CORBY Scouts
10.46 Kettering Rugby Football Club Kettering Rugby Union
10.51 Kettering & District Rambling Club Kettering Walking
10.64 Burton Latimer @district Photographic Society KETTERING Photography
10.68 Kettering Community Weight Loss Challenge Kettering Aerobics, Walking
10.72 Kettering Town Silver Band Kettering Bands, Music Groups
10.73 Rushden and Higham RUFC Rushden Rugby Union
10.77 Long Buckby Machine Knitters Long Buckby Crafts
10.82 Kettering Games Club Kettering Role-Playing Games
10.82 YogaDeal Long Buckby Yoga
10.90 Towcestrians CC TOWCESTER Cricket
10.98 MaSh Dance Studio Kettering Dancing
10.99 GENBUKAN KENSHU DOJO Northamptonshire Yoga, Free Running, Walking, Foreign Languages, Historical Research, Martial Arts, Fencing, British Military Fitness, Archery
11.03 Towcester and District Angling Association Blakesley, Pattishall, Paulerspury, Silverstone, Towcester, Yardley Gobion Angling and Fishing
11.04 Bonkers Theatrical Kettering Amateur Dramatics
11.10 Kettering Aikikai Kettering Martial Arts
11.10 Kettering Olympic Gymnastics Club Kettering Gymnastics
11.10 5.0 Kettering Stamp & Philatelic Society Kettering Collecting
11.16 anderson school of dance Kettering Dancing
11.17 1875 Towcester Air Cadets TOWCESTER Air Cadets
11.36 Rothwell Karate Club Rothwell Martial Arts
11.48 Rothborough Table Tennis Club Kettering Table Tennis
11.50 Disability Inclusive Sports Club Towcester Cricket, Football, Swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Dancing, Yoga, Martial Arts, Curling, Petanque, Archery
11.52 15th Kettering (Avondale) Scout Group Kettering Scouts
11.81 ProAction Martial Arts & Life Skills Kettering Martial Arts
11.81 5.0 Daventry Model Aircraft Club Norton Model Flying
11.94 Sharnbrook Community Sports Centre Sharnbrook Cricket, Football, Field Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Dancing, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Climbing
12.02 Sharnbrook Bowls Club Bedford, Cardington, Colmworth, Riseley Bowling
12.05 Voices Aloud KETTERING Singing
12.45 North Northants Gymnastics Club Kettering, Gymnastics
12.55 DARK Paranormal Investigators Newport Pagnell, Stoke Goldington Paranormal
12.68 Academy of Wing Chun Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Martial Arts
12.68 Diamond School of Performing Arts Newport Pagnell Amateur Dramatics, Dancing, Singing, Amateur Radio, Childrens Drama
12.69 Stanwick Bowls Club Wellingborough Bowling
12.70 MMA Fight Club Desborough Martial Arts
12.70 Canine Training 121 Northampton Dogs
12.72 Newport Pagnell Board Games Club Newport Pagnell Board Games
12.74 Milton Keynotes Milton Keynes Music Groups, Singing
13.26 Middleton Swimming Pool Newport Pagnell Swimming, Leisure Centres
13.27 Braybrooke Morris Dancers BRAYBROOKE Morris Dancing
13.29 Wolverton Park Bowls Club WOLVERTON MK12 5TN Bowling
13.30 Wolverton Park Bowls Club Milton Keynes Bowling