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Updated 12th April 2013

 About Our Club

We are one of biggest and fastest growing chess clubs in Bristol . Meeting time  Thursday Evenings  at 7:30pm  onwards. We welcome players of any playing strength to join us.  We presently have teams in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd divisions of the Bristol & District Chess League and expect to start a another team in division 4 next season to  accommodate all our members. We have a Federation Master that regularly holds  'Chess Surgery' each week, with post match analysis immediately available after match nights! Come along and enjoy the great atmosphere that has evolved at our club in recent times. Subscriptions are lower than most clubs with a free lending library. our present membership is aprox 25. Our vision is to promote chess, by playing and teaching chess to anyone that wants to learn how to master the game to a strong club level.




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Training Sessions

Are you at a chess club where you play your games and just go home again after. If so your flogging a dead horse! Come and enjoy post analysis of your games, available minutes after your match finishes. Join the South Bristol Chess Club today and get the full benefits of club membership other clubs do not offer you.
Following the successful training sessions held last summer Federation Master, Tyson Mordue, is holding Chess Surgery classes on club and match nights and offers insight and teaching to help players develop in all areas of the game. So much more on offer and at no cost for the first season to new members.
For details of how to join us contact:

Bob's Blog .

A Team

Last night the A team came away from Thornbury, a bit bruised and battered, but with a vital point that should just be enough in this 'relegation dogfight' we have now found ourselves in. Thornbury, still have two extremely tough games left against Clifton B now reinforced with Carl Bicknell 199 in their ranks, and University A who have been terrific this season. So the match went as follows, Tyson, drew on board one with FM Peter Varley, followed by Richard and Simon, who also both drew with Peter Kirby and David Vaughan. This left the match looking precarious for us especially as Paul, was losing to Dave Dugdale, and Iain ,blundered badly and lost to Jim Nicholls which was a real blow as Iain, was heavy favourite to win that duel. So 2.5-1.5 down at that stage of the evening. Then with just two boards left and the light fading fast in more ways than one, Paul, miraculously turned his game around and defeated Dave Dugdale. This made it all level, with Shane, against Andrew Borkowski left to play. Shane, had turned down around five draws before fininding himself short of time but better on material, this pesuaded him to offer Andrew the draw, and we all know 'Borky' like the man from Del Monti usually always says yes! So it was 3-3 a point gained rather than lost for us, especially as we had Stephen Meek, missing as well. I am sure Thornbury will be feeling very insecure about their position in the table now after failing to secure all three points last night. Well done the A Team for the spirited fightback especially Paul Helbig, who will now be a 'folklore legend' in our part of the world for years to come. It's Horfield A next week a game we expect to get something from.

Bath A 18 17 55.5 1
Clifton B 17 17 49 1
Clevedon A 18 16 51.5
South Bristol A 17 15 52
Thornbury A 16 12 45
Horfield B 15 7 29

As can be seen here, we can still finish above Clevedon and Bath who have no more games left to play. Its possible that if we win or draw at Horfield and Thornbury win both games, then it could be Clevedon who are relegated not Thornbury. If we draw with Horfield its still a three horse race, but we will have a much superior game points average. Though its mathmatically possible for Thornbury to survive it seems very doubful.


B Team

Grendel had to play Yate away with a weakened team and defaulting on board six. Their only hope was to win it on their top 4 boards but failed as Roger Hardy, could only draw with Andy Penn, and Patrick Flexman, lost to Jeremy Gardner. Downend B, won as expected against Patchway, and are certain now of promotion and probable champions. The task for us now is to win tonight and a draw will do at Grendel next week. We must not throw it all away as we thought we might have when we lost to Cabot. As it was both Keynsham and Grendel lost as well so destiny awaits those who dare believe. Comme on the Beee's
Downend B 18 27 69
South Bristol B 18 24 64
Keynsham A 18 22 62.5
Grendel 18 22 62.

So then a look at the table shows Downend B should win the division, and we have both the points and game points already in the bag, before we get to our last game. Keynsham have probably blown it now, so we must not win against Downend B and at least hold Grendel next week and we are home and dry in Division one next season.

C Team

The c team are unlikely to grab the second promotion spot as hoped and will finish around 4th. Well done to all the c team squad who have worked hard to make it a very successful season. Credit must go to captain Rod Taylor, for his efforts in making sure everyone has had a chance to play with, especially the overflow of players we have had this season. We should be able to relieve this problem when we consider fielding a D team next season.

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