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  • Target shooting is one of the oldest competitive sports in the world. Rifle and Pistol shooting was included in the first modern Olympics and is a feature of these and the Commonwealth games today. British competitors returned from Delhi with 40 medals in 2010. For more on international competitions including video see While fitness and long practice sessions are required for those competing at the highest levels, the sport can be and is enjoyed by all ages from school age to OAPs and even those with significant disabilities can partake in some form. Men and women are fairly evenly matched in most cases with the current British Champion at the time of writing being a young woman. It requires calmness, concentration and discipline. Often shooters are in club teams shooting against others in local and national postal leagues but the main opponent is yourself; striving to achieve better results.
  • Prone rifle shooting is the mainstay of British target shooting and we shoot small-bore (0.22inch) rifles at targets 25 yards away on our indoor range. During the summer we can shoot at 50 metres (the standard International distance) and at 100 yards on outdoor ranges within the county. It is also possible to shoot standing and kneeling with these rifles which is common in Europe.
  • Air Rifle and Pistol shooting at 10 metres, another Olympic discipline is also practiced. This is with specialised 0.177 rifles and pistols and can be a low cost way in to competitive shooting, which may also afford the possibility of practising at home if you can provide a safe backstop.
  • Lightweight Sporting Rifles (0.22) and Sporting Air Rifles (0.177 and 0.22) are used for competitions shot standing and unsupported at 20 yards. Telescope sights may be used. There are local leagues for this form of shooting and it is popular with those who simply shoot for personal enjoyment. There has recently been an interest in Bench-rest shooting, with both .22 Small bore and Air Rifles. This is an international discipline in itself but is especially suitable for the older or less physically fit person to continue to enjoy his or her sport.
  • Target shooting is a safe sport, and range safety is the first requirement of training. The club has sufficient equipment to get you started, and in any case you will want to try out the sport before you spend your money. Advice is available to guide you through the purchase of this as necessary.
  • You must notify the secretary and book an appointment to visit prior to coming to the club. The law does not allow us to offer any form of day membership, and also requires you to have attended regularly for a period before the police will consider granting you a firearms certificate. If you wish to become a member of the club, you will become a probationer for six months during which time you will be coached and monitored. You must give two references and not be a prohibited person under the firearms act for membership of a shooting club. We are required to provide the police with details of members.
  • Membership costs around £58 per year and small-bore ammunition from around £2.50 for 50 shots. Airgun pellets £4-£10 per 500. We are a Home Office approved club and are insured through the NSRA. Most competitions are held under NSRA rules and we are affiliated to the NSRA. For further info about the NSRA contact: Juniors (under 16) are welcomed but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.    
  • Please contact the Secretary by email ( and obtain approval prior to visiting the club - This is a requirement of law.    

The Main Bits!

Our club participates in the following activities:

  • Shooting
Mondays - prone rifle
Tuesdays - Air Rifle & Pistol
Wednesdays - LSR
Thursdays - LSR
Fridays - mixed
open from about 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Adult subscription is currently £58 which includes £10 towards cost of targets
Open to all without discrimination who satisfy the conditions imposed by current law.
Contact the Secretary who will inform you of the process
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SEECO Rifle and Pistol Club - Redditch
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by Chris
on Mon 6th Jun, 2011



This is a great club with many facilities for all types of smallbore shooting. Get in touch and come along.


published Fri 18th May, 2012 by Dave Hargreaves

The NSRA is the national governing body for all Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Target Shooting in the United Kingdom, including Airgun and Match Crossbow Shooting.

We are based at The Lord Roberts Centre, within the grounds of the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, Surrey.


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