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Horse Riding Group in Knockholt, TN14 7NE K

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Pine Ridge is a Pony Club Centre which caters for young riders who do not own their own ponies. We teach all aspects of horsemanship and hold rallies every Saturday and throughout the school holidays. At Pine Ridge young people are encouraged to ride as well as learn to care for a pony or horse. They develop good horse handling skills, make new friends, improve confidence and have lots of fun. All welcome.

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Our club participates in the following activities:

  • Horse Riding
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Pine Ridge Pony Club Centre
Knockholt, TN14 7NE K
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Recent News Announcements

19th Sep - 2012 News by Jenny Butler-Smith

News from Pine Ridge Pony Club Centre, Knockholt
(Written by Hannah Balfour, PC Centre Member)
From new riders to new ponies; what a year! When writing about pony club sessions and pony days at Pine Ridge Riding School & Pony Club Centre, I suddenly realise how many activities we get up to, whether ridden or not - I wonder how we fit so much in! As a member of the centre we enjoy getting to know all the ponies’ quirks and tricks on the ground and in the saddle, from Jack parking himself on the mounting block to Ella ‘smiling’ as you slide the bit out of her mouth. There is a large emphasis on basic chores like mucking out and grooming as well as horse handling and pony behaviour, with a huge stress on our most important rule while working around the ponies – ‘Stay Awake’ is mentioned at least twice a session (if not more)!
We have a large age range between members and varying stages of capability. Many enjoy leading the younger members and earn points for their quiz teams in earning badges and helping on the yard. Our quiz teams are named after four different pony breeds present at the riding school. Each team is captained by a senior or regularly riding pony club member and it is their responsibility to help and encourage their team members to earn badges and valuable points.
Our instructors, Jenna Butler-Smith and June Trotter, focus on having fun, safety, and nurturing good horsemanship in whatever discipline we decide to follow, offering a good all round foundation. Jenna (sponsored by Grouseland Haylage) is a regular competitor on the British Show Jumping circuit and has had a very successful year, including a good outing and win at the Royal International. June’s dedicated and caring instruction has helped many nervous riders go on to be confident and competent.
Our Pony Club Sessions are held every Saturday and most Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout school holidays. New members are welcome, so why not come along and experience and enjoy learning about horses and ponies. (, Telephone 01959 533161)

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