Harrogate Badminton League

Badminton Team in Harrogate, HG2 8HA

  1. Event: Fixtures meeting 2 years ago
    on Wednesday 10th Sep, 2014, all day.
  2. Event: League AGM 2 years ago
    on Wednesday 3rd Sep, 2014, all day.
    Racquets Club
  3. News: League AGM & Fixtures meeting 2 years ago

    The annual AGM will be held on September 3 at 7.30pm at Racquets Club. Please can all clubs send a representative.

    The fixtures meeting will be held on September 10 at 7.30pm at Racquets Club.

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  5. Event: H2 v Racquets 1 A 2 years ago
    on Thursday 17th Apr, 2014, all day.
  6. News: Annual Dinner Dance 2 years ago

    The Harrogate and Ripon leagues annual dinner dance is on Friday April 25 at the Cedar Court Hotel. This year you will be able to dance the night away to live music performed by Ziggy Battles and Josh Joy.  Tickets are £19 and available from Barbara Rogerson.

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  9. Event: Annual dinner dance and trophy presentation 2 years ago
    on Friday 25th Apr, 2014, 7:30pm - 11:59pm
    Cedar Court Hotel this year with live band. Tickets from Barbara Rogerson.
  10. Event: Handicap Cup Finals night 2 years ago
    on Wednesday 16th Apr, 2014, 7:30pm - 11:59pm
    Racquets Club
  11. Event: Annual Tournament 2 years ago
    on Thursday 10th Apr, 2014, 7:00pm - 11:59pm
    Racquets Club
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  13. Event: Annual Tournament 2 years ago
    on Tuesday 8th Apr, 2014, 7:00pm - 11:59pm
    Racquets Club

Welcome to Harrogate Badminton League

Our aim is to promote the sport of badminton within this part of Yorkshire.  Within our league we have clubs in the following towns and villages:- Beckwithshaw, Boroughbridge, Catterick, Felliscliffe, Harrogate, Helperby, Knaresborough,  Otley, Ripon and Whixley. For uptodate results please visit the Badminton England website at  www.fixtureslive.com/api_page.asp  


The Main Bits!

Our club participates in the following activities:

  • Badminton
Sorry, Harrogate Badminton League haven't provided any information about meeting times.
Sorry, Harrogate Badminton League haven't provided any information about membership charges or fees.
The league are looking for new clubs to join for the season commencing September and applications should be made to the chairman, Graham Chilvers.
Sorry, Harrogate Badminton League haven't provided any directions on how to find them.
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Harrogate Badminton League
Harrogate, HG2 8HA
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Recent News Announcements

13th Aug - League AGM & Fixtures meeting by David Druett

The annual AGM will be held on September 3 at 7.30pm at Racquets Club. Please can all clubs send a representative.

The fixtures meeting will be held on September 10 at 7.30pm at Racquets Club.

10th Mar - Annual Dinner Dance by David Druett

The Harrogate and Ripon leagues annual dinner dance is on Friday April 25 at the Cedar Court Hotel. This year you will be able to dance the night away to live music performed by Ziggy Battles and Josh Joy.  Tickets are £19 and available from Barbara Rogerson.

20th Feb - Harrogate Badminton League News by David Druett

Important dates for your diaries:-

Annual tournament on April 8 - 10 at Racquets Club

Handicap Cup Finals on Wednesday April 16 at Racquets Club starting at 7.30pm

Annual dinner dance on April 25 at the Cedar Court hotel.  This year we will have a live band so please make an effort to come along as it should be a great night.

27th Oct - Otley 1st team by David Druett

Sadly Otley have pulled their first team out of division one as most of the best players in the team have left. This leaves only six teams now in division one.
Otley 2nd team will continue in division two.

Message from David Clegg,
It has unfortunately become clear in the last weeks that we are no longer able to support our Div 1 team in the Harrogate League. The majority of our team from last year are unavailable for many reasons for this season and we do not have the strength in depth to support this team from other members of the club.
We have already had to pull out of 2 of our first 3 fixtures and this is clearly not sustainable.

We also feel that it would not be appropriate to withdraw our lower (Div 2) team. This team did gain promotion from Div 3 last year, but largely as a result of 2 matches conceded in our favour and another "short team" giving us free points. It is not fair to expect these players (who
are more suited to Div 3) to play regularly in Div 1. Neither would this be fair to the other Div 1 teams who would clearly not get matches of a suitable level.

Having had an Otley team in one of the top two divisions for many years, this is not a step that we take lightly, but we feel that to withdraw the Div 1 team is in everybody's best interests at this time.

Hope you can understand our position.

30th Sep - Match score cards by David Druett

These will be available at Racquets club for teams that play there from Wednesday evening (Oct 2nd). I shall post out to other clubs on Thursday.

5th Aug - 2013 AGM by David Druett

The AGM will be held at Racquets Club on September 4th at 7.30pm. For full details see under '2013 AGM' at left. The fixtures meeting will take place the following Wednesday, the 11th also at 7.30pm

25th Mar - Handicap tournaments by David Druett

The men's, ladies and mixed handicap tournaments will be held at Firs Road on the evenings of April 23-25. Entry forms will soon be available from Firs Road and members of the committee.

10th Mar - Annual League Dinner dance by David Druett

This year the Ripon league are organising the DINNER DANCE AND PRESENTATIONS at the Cairn Hotel on Friday 3rd May at 19:30.

The now, well established, joint event with the Harrogate League, has produced great nights out at the Cairn Hotel combining a disco and good food, with a good time had by one and all - please encourage your club members to join in, it's a great night, whether you have a trophy to collect or not. Cost is 20 per ticket. The event is organized by the Ripon League this year, thanks to Sally Chaplin. Please make your cheque payable to "Ripon & District Badminton League" and send them to Sally Chaplin. Tickets are available via any Ripon committee member.

Last date for booking/payment of your tickets is Thursday 18/04/09.

If any of your members have a special dietary requirement please let Sally know as the Cairn will try to accommodate them.

Could we ask all clubs and individuals if they wish, to contribute a prize for the raffle, wine or chocolates always go down well. Please dig deep as all profits go towards the running of the league, none of the committee members claim expenses so all the money really does go to the league. Any Ripon committee member will gratefully receive your contributions.

13th Feb - Handicap Cup results by David Druett

In the Douglas Cup St Marys are through to the semi final after a comfortable victory over Ripon Nomads Ist team, helped by a whopping 140 handicap. In the Turton Cup Felliscliffe narrowly defeated Ripon Nomads 3rds and so are through to the final where they will face the winner of the match between Wensleydale and Knaresborough Aspin.

26th Jan - Handicap Cup by David Druett

Two results are still awaited for the Douglas Cup.

In the semi finals of the Turton Cup Ripon 3 will play Fellisciffe and Wensleydale will face Knaresborough. Handicaps and scoresheets will be posted soon.

20th Nov - Handicap Cup results by David Druett

In the Douglas Cup Ripon Nomads 2nd's are through to the next round as Boroughbridge have had to concede, unable to raise a team. In the Turton Cup Ripon Nomads 3rd's narrowly beat Racquets B.

16th Nov - Turton Cup result by David Druett

First quarter final result in. Knaresborough Aspin have beaten Rossett 335 - 298 and adding on the handicap have won by 57 points.

20th Oct - Boroughbridge B.C. by David Druett

Boroughbridge have had a venue problem and so have rearranged the home games for Thursday nights at Knaresborough Aspin Badminton Club who are kindly letting them use a spare court of theirs when they don't have a home match.

8th Oct - Annual Dinner Dance by David Druett

The date for the dinner dance is now set for 3rd May 2013

25th Sep - Handicap Cup Competition Draw by David Druett

Douglas Trophy Turton Trophy

( Upper Division teams) (Lower Division teams)

Dale Hall 1 V Racquets A Racquets B V Ripon Nomads 3

Ripon Nomads 2 V Boroughbridge Ripon Nomads 4 V Felliscliffe

St Marys V Ripon Nomads 1 Helperby V Wensleydale

Rosset 1 V Dale Hall 2 Knaresborough Aspin V Rossett 2

Format: As in previous years - all mixed with a sealed handicap.

Initial round to be played by 16th December

25th Sep - Fixtures by David Druett

Please send a copy of your Harrogate League fixtures to Ian Barlow at ifbarlow@fastmail.fm

Ian will check the fixtures to see they match up thus preventing wasted trips and disputes.

2nd Aug - New League Secretary by David Druett

Jenny Adrian has volunteered to take up the post of League Secretary. Thank you Jenny.

27th Feb - Annual Dinner Dance by David Druett

This year the Harrogate League are organising the Harrogate and Ripon League dinner dance. The Cairn Hotel has been booked for Friday April 27. Cost is 19 which includes a buffet dinner and disco.
Please make cheques payable to 'Harrogate & District Badminton League' and post to:-
Barbara Rogerson, 67 Mallinson Cres., Harrogate HG2 8HJ.
Please advise which club table you prefer to sit at.

17th Feb - Tournament by David Druett

Annual handicapped tournament this year will be held on April 10, 11 and 12 at Firs Road. An entry form is available from Peter Turton inn plturton@btinternet.com
Please support this event and make it a success.

The annual dinner dance will be on April 27 at the Cairn Hotel.

6th Feb - Handicap Cup Competitions by David Druett

With so many clubs failing to send a representative to the fixtures meeting the draw for the handicap cup competition could not be made. A larger number of teams do not wish to compete this season so it has been decided not to run the competition this year. At the next A.G.M. clubs will be asked if they wish to enter the 2013 competition so that a draw can be done prior to the fixtures meeting.

Sorry, Harrogate Badminton League haven't uploaded any videos yet.


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The Reviews!

2013-4 Cup Competitions

published Tue 7th Jan, 2014 by David Druett

Douglas Cup




St Marys v Raquets A




Racquets 368 - 241 Rossett (+120)  Racquets win by 7 points

Dale Hall 1 337 V 225 St Marys (+120)  St Marys win by 8 points




Rackets A 374 v 222 Ripon 2 (+90)  Rackets win by 62


Rossett 1 (+40) v Ripon 1 Rossett win by 17


St Marys (+100)  297 v 347 Boroughbridge  St Marys win by 50


Dale Hall 1 v Dale Hall 2  Dale Hall 1 conceded


Turton Cup




Ripon 3 v Helperby


Knaresborough v Racquets B

 Knaresborough 319 (+180) - 229 Racquets B  Knaresborough win by 170 points. (Racquets conceded 3 rubbers)



Helperby 355 v 209 Rossett 2  handicap Rossett +70  Helperby win by 76 (Rossett 1 lady down)


Ripon 3 (+140) v Felliscliffe Ripon win


Knaresborough v Beckwithshaw Match conceded by Beckwithshaw


Rackets B 353 v 284 Wensleydale handicap Racquets + 50  Racquets win by 119


published Tue 12th Nov, 2013 by David Druett

Harrogate and District Badminton League

Composition of Divisions 2013-2014


      Division 1                              Division 2                              Division 3

                                                    Beckwithshaw                         Helperby 

     Dale Hall 1                              Dale Hall 2                              I.C.I

     Otley 1   (Withdrawn)              Boroughbridge                       Knaresborough

     Rossett 1                                Racquets 3                             Otley 2

     Racquets 1                             Firs                                          Rossett 2

     Racquets  2                            Wensleydale                            Ripon Nomads 3

     Ripon Nomads 1                     Otley 2                                     Whixley

     Ripon Nomads 2                          St. Marys                             Racquets 4



League & Cup Competition Winners

published Tue 12th Nov, 2013 by David Druett


Division 1    Racquets 1  runners up Whixley

Division 2   Ripon Nomads 2 runners up Rossett 1

Division 3   Wensleydale  runners up Otley 2

Douglas Cup      Rossett 1 runners up Racquets A

Turton Cup         Wensleydale runners up Felliscliffe


Division 1    Whixley 1 runners up Racquets 1

Division 2    Otley 1 runners up Thirsk

Division 3    Beckwithshaw runners up Felliscliffe

Marston Cup   No competition

Turton Cup   No competition


Division 1    Whixley runners up Racquets 1

Division 2   Ripon Nomads 1 runners up Dale Hall 2

Division 3   Racquets 3 runners up Beckwithshaw

Marston Cup    Ripon Nomads 1 runners up St Marys

Turton Cup   Helperby runners up Felliscliffe


Division 1    

Division 2

Division 3

Marston Cup

Turton Cup


Division 1    

Division 2

Division 3

Marston Cup

Turton Cup


published Fri 4th Oct, 2013 by David Druett


Beckswithshaw Village Hall, Church Row, Beckwithshaw

Tuesday 7.30pm

Club Secretary Kathryn Wilson  E Mail kathanddave25@hotmail.com

Match Secretary Richard Gill  Tel 01423 873129


King James School, Knaresborough  

Thursdays 8.00 - 9.30pm

Club and Match Secretary:  Joanne McBratney  Tel 340568 or 07870 113541 E Mail josiemcb@yahoo.com


Racquets Club, Firs Road, Harrogate

Sunday, 7.30pm

Club and Match Secretary:  David Mercer  Tel 879565  E Mail david.mercer40@ntlworld.com


Killinghall Village Hall

Monday, 7.30pm  (Matches only - no club nights)

Club and Match Secretary:  Anne Hopkins Tel 872721 Mobile 07789 731233 E Mail anne_hopkinsuk@yahoo.co.uk


Harrogate Racquets Club, Firs Road, Harrogate

Wednesdays 7.30pm

Club & Match Secretary:  Sheila Dickson   Tel 01423 565609 or 07714 645009 E Mail sheiladickson@hotmail.co.uk


Helperby Village Hall

Wednesday 7.30pm

Club Secretary H. Hughes  E Mail  johnhjic@hotmail.com  Tel 01423 360758

Match Secretary P. Harrison E Mail pharrison@talk21.com Tel 01423 360891


Racquets Club, Harrogate

Monday 7.30pm

Match Secretary:  Peter Lawley Tel 01423 884274 E Mail peter60lawley@yahoo.co.uk 

Hgte team captains Andy Wharton Tel 07739 954684 & Karen Place 07720 247159


King James School, Knaresborough

Thursday 8.00pm

Match Secretary:  Trish Hesford Tel 864040 E Mail kthesford@talktalk.net

Secretary:  Richard Armstrong Tel 01423 864338 E Mail richardarmstrong7@hotmail.co.uk


Prince Henry Grammar School LS21 2AZ

Monday 7.30 - 9.30pm

Friday 7.00 - 9.00pm

Secretary:  Steve Norfolk Tel 01943 468929 E mail info@otleybadmintonclub.co.uk                 

Match Secretary: David Clegg 07831549498                  


Firs Road, Harrogate

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday 7.30pm

Match Secretary:  Jenny Adrian 07939 250362   Jenny.adrian@gmail.com


Ripon Grammar School, Clotherholme Road, Ripon

Tuesdays 8.00pm - 10.00pm

Thursdays 7.30 - 10.00pm

Club Secretary:  Margaret Taylor Tel 07711 496005 E Mail mhollybank@btinternet.com

Match Secretary:  Chandy Koria  Tel 865962 or 07854 141829  E Mail:  pennymead@aol.com


Almscliffe Village Hall

Monday 7.30 - 11.00pm

Secretary:  Paula Lowther  Tel 01423 521802 E Mail:  pelowther@aol.com



Firs Road, Harrogate

Friday 7.30pm

Club and Match Secretary:  John Wrigley  Tel 879336  E Mail:  jt@johnandtricia.plus.com


Catterick Leisure Centre

Gough Road, Catterick Garrison, DL9 3EL

Friday 7.30pm

Match secretary Peter Dinsdale Tel 01969 640480 E Mail  njdinsdale@yahoo.co.uk


Whixley Village Hall

Monday 7.30pm

Secretary:  Vera Norfolk Tel 322151 

Match Secretary:  Sally Norfolk 07818 415094  Sally.chap7@gmail.com



published Thu 3rd Oct, 2013 by David Druett

To contact members of the committee whose details are not shown please ask David Druett

President Peter Turton   plturton at btinternet.com
Chairman Graham Chilvers 01423863368 grahamjl.chilvers at tiscali.co.uk
General Secretary Jenny Adrian 07939 250362 jenny.adrian 'at' gmail.com
Match Secretary Ian Barlow 07939 508157
Treasurer Barbara Rogerson 01423 879137  
Commitee Member      
Webmaster David Druett    
League Competition Organiser David Druett 01423 865962 pennymead@aol.com
Tournament Organisers Peter Turton  Gavin Horrocks    

Tournament Winners

published Tue 1st Oct, 2013 by David Druett


Mens Singles                                  Chris Lythe

Ladies Singles                                Caroline Heyworth

Mens handicap doubles               Ben Conning & P. Norfolk

Ladies handicap doubles             Amber Woodhams & Judith Peatman

Mixed handicap doubles              Judith and Matthew Peatman


Mens Singles                                   Tim Barritt

Ladies Singles                                 Judith Peatman

Mens handicap doubles                Richard Noland & Kevin Lodge

Ladies handicap doubles             Karen Bumby & Lyn Preston

Mixed handicap doubles              Janet Hutsby & David Mercer


Mens Singles   Adam Lodge runner up Matthew Peatman

Ladies Singles   Judith Peatman runner up Laura Harris

Mens handicap doubles   Adam & Kevin Lodge runners up John Wrigley & Adam Dewes

Ladies handicap doubles   Karen Bumby & Lynn Preston  runners up Caroline Heyworth & Roxanne Brown

Mixed handicap doubles  Jane Oland & Richard Miller runners up Joyce & Kevin Lodge


Mens Singles                           Tom Field

Ladies Singles                         Joyce Lodge

Mens handicap doubles        Keith Oliver & Peter Cheeseborough

Ladies handicap doubles      Laura Harris & Karen Dodd

Mixed handicap doubles       Chandy Koria & Peter Singleton


Mens Singles

Ladies Singles

Mens handicap doubles

Ladies handicap doubles

Mixed handicap doubles

2010 A.G.M. Minutes

published Wed 18th Sep, 2013 by David Druett



Minutes of the A.G.M. of the Harrogate and District Badminton League held at Racquets Club on Wednesday September 15th at 7.30pm.


Peter Turton President

Graham Chilvers Chairman

Barbara Rogerson Treasurer

Catherine Archbold General Secretary

Plus representatives of the following clubs-Beckwithshaw, Boroughbridge, Dale Hall, Felliscliffe, Firs, Harrogate Racquets, Helperby, I.C.I, Knaresborough, Otley, Ripon Nomads, Rossett, St. Mary’s Whixley and David Dewey N.Y.P.C.

APOLOGIES; Apologies were received from Sally Norfolk, David Druett, Ian Barlow

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING; The minutes of the 2009 A.G.M. were approved as correct as proposed by Vera Norfolk

TREASURERS REPORT; The treasurer reported a surplus of just over £162 including a profit of £100 from The Annual dinner which was shared between the Harrogate and Ripon Leagues.

The Tournament had been a success and thanks went to Peter Turton for his generous donation of the replica shields.

RALLY POINTS; Ripon Nomads proposed and Felliscliffe seconded a move that matches should be played as 2 games to 21 points not 3 games to 15 points.The idea being that playing 2 games to 21 gives teams two longer, better games

A vote was taken on the proposal that matches would be played with 2 games to 21 points with the count being 9 for the proposal and 13 against.

CONCEDED MATCHES; After some discussion about why matches were conceded it was agreed that if this occurs it is the home team’s responsibility to re-arrange the match. If no dates are compatible both teams should send a report to The Committee to make a judgement based on the circumstances .

ELECTION OF COMMITTEE; Other than Match Secretary,all members of the Committee were prepared to continue in their position. Ian Barlow had been nominated to succeed Shirley Snape and all those present were agreeable to the appointment.

TEAM RESIGNATIONS/ APPLICATIONS; There were no team resignations. An application was received for a team from the N.Y.P.C. to enter the league. The team would play at Firs Road and it was requested that, as the team consisted of some very young players and transport could present a problem, they would play all their matches at home and all refreshments and shuttlecocks would be provided by them. It was agreed this would be acceptable for one year and reconsidered at the 2011 A.G.M.

A proposal was made that N.Y.P.C. would enter a team for the 2010-2011 season and a vote was made with 15 voting for the proposal, 2 against with 1 abstention.

FIXTURE SOFTWARE; A sample fixture chart devised with a format by David Archbold of Ripley Table Tennis League was given to all meeting attendees and an explanation of the schedule was given by the chairman. It was agreed that the schedule would be tried this season with clubs making alterations between each other at the fixtures meetings or during the season if necessary.

LEAGUE TOURNAMENT; The chairman asked for comments on the 2010 Tournament and Cup competitions and although the proposed date for the Tournament was changed later in the season there were no comments. The treasurer asked that any team not wanting to play in the Cup competitions should inform her.

Gavin Horrocks and Peter Turton were thanked for their hard work in organising the Tournament.

LEAGUE AFFILIATION; The League would continue to be affiliated with Badminton England.

HARROGATE BADMINTON LEAGUE WEBSITE; The meeting was asked for comments on the website, none were made.

PUBLICITY OFFICER; No nominations were received for this post.

PROPOSED RULE CHANGES; A proposal was received from Ripon Nomads, seconded by Beckwithshaw, where only one club would be promoted and relegated from each division, the reason being that often the second team being promoted was relegated at the end of the season . This could cause the team to be very demoralised if they were way out of their depth in the higher division. Also it may mean that games were of a lower standard. On the other hand should not every team be offered the chance to play in a higher division if the opportunity arises?

A vote was taken on the proposal that 1 team to be promoted and 1 relegated with the result being 6 for and 16 against.

END OF SEASON DINNER; The Dinner would be organised by Ripon league this season.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS; DAVID DEWEY the Development Officer from Badminton England North and West gave a talk on the future of badminton and offered his help to promote badminton in individual clubs. He can be contacted on daviddewey@badmintonengland.co.uk or by telephone on 07901005316.

Rossett Badminton Club are looking for a new venue. If anyone has any suggestions please get in touch with Ken Lowther.

Gavin Horrocks asked what progress had been made regarding amalgamation with Ripon League. There seems to be a stalemate situation at the moment but the meeting attendees agreed that this was the way forward with our badminton and would like the committee to take things further.

Points of Action.

Date to be fixed for Tournament

Draw and date to be fixed for first round of Cup Matches

Date to be fixed for Dinner Dance

2013 A.G.M. minutes

published Wed 18th Sep, 2013 by David Druett






WEDNESDAY 4th SEPTEMBER 2013 at 7.30 p.m.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the AGM


PRESENT : Graham Chilvers Chairman, Sandra Chilvers acting Secretary, Barbara Rogerson Treasurer, Ian Barlow Match Secretary

Margaret Taylor Ripon Nomads, David Clegg Otley, Paula Lowther Rossett, Sally Chaplin Whixley, Sue Tuley Boroughbridge, Anne Hopkins Felliscliff, Sheila Dickson Firs, Stuart Tuley Helperby, Brian Halling ICI, P Hesford Knaresborough, John Wrigley St. Mary's


APOLOGIES : Peter Turton President, Jenny Adrian Secretary, David Druett Ripon, Peter Dinsdale Wensleydale and belatedly Dale Hall


MINUTES : The minutes of the 2012 AGM were approved as proposed by Trish Hesford Knaresborough and seconded by Ian Barlow Ripon.


MATTERS ARISING : There were no matters arising


TREASURERS REPORT : Information in the accounts was a little sparse as Barbara had no information on the cup or tournament expenses. Overall £148 profit was made over the year and there was £2400 in the bank. The Tournament entry fees we believe went on the hiring of the hall and providing shuttles so nothing was made.

Engraving covers cost of engraving of the cups and trophies and sundries.

Proposal to adopt the treasurers report was made by Sue Tuley Boroughbridge and seconded by Stuart Tuley Helperby. It was suggested that fees should remain at £15. Fees of £15per team was proposed by Anne Hopkins Felliscliffe and seconded by Margaret Taylor Ripon.

Entry to the cup competitions will be free.




Division 1 7 Walkovers

1 abandoned match

6 match dates moved

Division 2 0 walkovers

7 moved matches mainly due to cup clashes

Division 3 4 walkovers

2 dates moved

It was a much better season this year.

The question of when matches should be completed was brought up. There was much discussion about this as some matches had been completed after Easter. Strictly the Rules dictate that they should be completed by the end of March. We should aim to try and play the matches by the end of March but if not possible, we should definitely try and play matches within a reasonable time after with a check as to the circumstances why.


CONCEDED MATCHES : These should always be reported to the Match secretary who then forwards them on to the Chairman. This year the conceded matches have not made any difference to relegation or promotion but there were concerns with much discussion. Match dates once fixed should be kept to as much as possible and walkovers a last resort. Adequate notice must be given of rearrangements or if teams were below complement. It was felt that we should perhaps put something in our rules to cover this. The Chairman suggested that the committee look into this, check with neighbouring leagues and draft a proposal and circulate all the clubs for comments.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS : All the existing officers are happy to continue and therefore all were duly re-elected.


TEAM RESIGNATIONS & COMPOSITION OF DIVISIONS : There were 2 team resignations – first from Whixley in the 1st division and the second from Ripon in the 3rd division.

There may be a possibility of an extra team to play in division 3.

With regard to Whixley it was agreed that Whixley second team should remain in the 3rd division.


In summary Boroughbridge and Firs were relegated to division 2 while Ripon 1st and Rossett 1st were promoted to division 1.

Ripon 3 and Felliscliffe were relegated from division 2 while Wensleydale and Otley 2 were promoted from division 3.

Composition of divisions – see attached sheet


CUP COMPETITIONS : It was agreed to continue with the Mixed cup competitions. There was concern expressed regarding the communication of opponents and results between the clubs and cup organiser. Communication needs to be improved and it was agreed that the a draw will be made at the fixtures meeting. A finals date to be agreed as soon as possible and clubs informed appropriately.

ICI, Whixley, Firs and Otley decided not to enter the cup competition.


Mens Knockout cup. Only 3 teams responded last year and it was assumed that there is not sufficient interest to progress it further.


LEAGUE TOURNAMENTS : There has been good support for this and thanks go to Gavin and Peter for organising it. It was agreed to continue with this and the Chairman urged all clubs to encourage their members to take advantage of the opportunity.


LEAGUE AFFILIATION : We will continue to be affiliated to the BA of E.


HDBL WEBSITE : All the league information is contained on the website including the list of club contacts but printed copies can be made for those who do not have access by contacting Dave Druett. All clubs were asked to update David with any changes of their club information as soon as possible and those which have websites let him also have their addresses so that he can put appropriate links on the site.

League Web site:www.clubbz.com/club/32589/harrogate/harrogate-badminton-league

League Results Website: w.fixtureslive.com/league/1407/competitions/Harrogate--District-Badminton-League


PUBLICITY OFFICER : There were still no volunteers for this position.


END OF SEASON DANCE : This year it is our turn to organise this event. Last year it was very difficult to organise due to lack of support. Only 9 clubs and 65 people attended. After some discussion and many pros and cons it was eventually agreed that we should change the format and ask the committee to come up with something new (venue, buffet, live band, at finals night?) and use some of our funds for this. Date and format to be publicised as soon as possible.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS : There being no further business the Chairman thanked the committee for all their support and work and the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.   


2012 A.G.M. Minutes

published Tue 25th Sep, 2012 by David Druett





PRESENT; Graham Chilvers, Jenny Adrian, Ian Barlow, Gavin Horrocks. Clubs represented; Ripon, Racquets, Otley, Whixley, Boroughbridge, Beckwithshaw, Felliscliff, Firs, Helperby, ICI, Knaresborough, St Marys, Wensleydale.

APOLOGIES; Barbara Rogerson, David Druett

MINUTES; The minutes of the 2011 AGM were approved as proposed by Ripon and seconded by Felliscliff.

MATTERS ARISING; There were no matters arising


TREASURERS REPORT; In Barbara’s absence Graham gave a brief overview. The league broke even over the year. Engraving was more expensive due to the fact this covered 2 seasons engraving. This year also included the Dinner dance, as it was the Harrogate Leagues year to host. It was recommended that league fees be kept at £15. Racquets proposed this and Knaresborough seconded it.


MATCH SECRETARY REPORT; To see scores through the season people should log on to www.fixtureslive.com. Gavin Horrocks suggested that the final column of the results table be removed as it was misleading as to who was winning the league. Ian agreed that this could be done. Ian is willing to carry on as Match Report Sec and he was thanked for his work during the season.


CONCEDED MATCHES; The biggest issue last season was around conceded matches. Division 3 conceded 3 full and 7 partial matches, division 2 conceded 2 full and 1 partial match, division 1 had 2 full and 10 partial matches conceded. Graham urged all clubs to avoid any conceded matches in the new season. If matches are conceded then both Captains are to notify the Match Secretary in case of any future possible disputes. If there are any disputes then they need to be raised with the league within 7 days of the dispute happening to enable it to be investigated. It was also requested that people take care to fill in the scorecard correctly.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS; All Committee members agreed to continue in post and Jenny Adrian volunteered to become Secretary for the league. Ripon proposed and Knaresborough seconded.


TEAM RESIGNATIONS & COMPOSITION OF DIVISIONS; Graham was delighted to welcome Wensleydale to the league. It was thought that Thirsk and Racquets Performance Centre team would be dropping out of the league, however Graham will need to confirm this is the case with Thirsk. Gavin proposed that the League approach the Ripon League to talk about amalgamation. Otley seconded this and 13 voted for this and 6 against. The League agreed to report back on this. Subsequent to the meeting Graham confirmed with Thirsk that they are resigning with most players going to Ripon.


LEAGUE TOURNAMENTS; Peter Turton and Gavin Horrocks were thanked for organising a very successful tournament but more support was needed from other clubs.


CUP COMPETITIONS; ICI requested that some form of mens league be created. In the first instance the League agreed to run a mens cup competition and see how much interest this generated. An email will be sent to clubs to see if they have interest to play in this.



HDBL will continue to be affiliated with BA of E.



The web site is live at www.clubbz.com/club/32589/harrogate/harrogate-badminton-league. It will be used as a key means of keeping people up to date with league information and activities.


League Rules

published Wed 20th Jul, 2011 by David Druett



1.      TITLE :

1.1        The League shall be called The Harrogate & District Badminton League

1.2        Playing members of all clubs must affiliate to the Badminton Association of England.

2.      MANAGEMENT :

2.1        The League shall be managed by a Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer; Match Secretary and at least three other members or officials, as may be appropriate, appointed at the Annual General Meeting or co-opted at any time. A quorum of four shall be required to conduct business. A maximum of three members from any one club shall serve on the Committee. Any member consistently failing to attend committee meetings shall not be eligible for re-election. The League President may also attend committee meetings.

2.2        The League Secretary shall notify all clubs of the date of the A.G.M. The A.G.M. will be held prior to the start of each season. Voting shall be restricted to the Committee and a representative of each team completing their previous year’s matches. A voting card will be issued for each eligible team and will be required to register a vote.

2.3        Proposals for changes to the League rules must be made in writing to the League Secretary before 31st. May and any alterations will require a majority in favour of those voting at the A.G.M. Clubs will be notified in writing prior to the A.G.M. of any proposed amendments.

2.4        An entry fee will be agreed at the A.G.M. for each participating team. Payment will be due at the Fixture Meeting.

2.5        Clubs wishing to resign from or enter the League shall give notice to the League Secretary no later than 1st. September immediately preceding the season of competition. All new entrants shall be placed in the lowest division. Clubs wishing to resign a team must withdraw their lowest team.


3.1        The League competitions shall be restricted to bona-fide playing members of the competing clubs. No player shall play for more than one club during a season except by prior agreement of the clubs involved and with  approval from the Management Committee.

3.2           Where teams from the same club are in the same division, players for the first team must be nominated before the first match and shall not play in any lower team. Teams from the same club in the same division must play each other at the start of each half of the season before they play any other league match.

3.3        A club with more than one team in the League is required to nominate at least 3 men and 3 ladies for each team (other than the lowest placed team), including cup teams, and provide a list of nominations before the first match. Nominated players will not be eligible to play in a lower division or lower team cup competition. Clubs will notify players that they have been nominated prior to the Fixture Meeting to ensure their acceptance. Clubs failing to nominate players will forfeit any points won until nominations are received.

3.4        Where a club with more than one team in a division enters a team in a cup competition, only players nominated for that team and players from a lower division are eligible. Once a player has represented a team in a cup competition he or she will be ineligible to play for any other team in that competition.

3.5        A man who has played three matches and a lady five matches for a club’s higher team or teams shall not be eligible to play in a lower division or in cup matches for a lower team.

3.6      Any team fielding an ineligible player in a cup competition will automatically be disqualified and take no further part in the competition.

3.7      Entries will not be accepted for any handicapped events from players who have represented a County 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team within the previous three years.


4.1        A Fixture meeting shall be held prior to the start of the season, the date of which will be published at the A.G.M. A representative from each competing club will attend the Meeting and agree the dates, times and venues of all its matches with opposing clubs in the relevant division(s). A copy of each Club’s fixture list must be supplied to the League Match Secretary within 7 days of the fixture meeting

4.2        Match dates agreed at the Fixture Meeting shall not be changed except by agreement between the two parties involved. Any such change must be notified to the League Match Secretary. Failure to reach agreement will result in the Committee deciding which team, if any, shall be awarded points or have points deducted. Postponement because of bad weather will require the match to be  re-arranged.

4.3        Match results should be sent to the Match Secretary within 7 days of completion. For every full week thereafter the team responsible for returning the match result will forfeit one point.

4.4        Unless otherwise agreed by the Committee, no matches should be played during the period of    the Harrogate & District Badminton Tournament. All matches must be completed by 31st. March unless otherwise agreed by the League Match Secretary.

4.5        The Management Committee shall have the power to award or deduct points or order a rematch at a venue of their choosing for any match in which a breach of the regulations has been deemed to have occurred. Protests should be made to the Committee in writing, usually within seven days of the match date.

5       MATCH PLAY :

5.1        Each match shall consist of nine rubbers, best of 3 games to 15 points, as detailed on the score-sheet provided. Setting to  20 all is permitted. One league point will be awarded for each rubber won.

5.2        The home captain must provide a scorecard and enter the home team players first before passing the scorecard to the away captain before the match commences. Once a match has started no changes in the composition of teams shall be allowed.

5.3        If play starts 15 minutes after the agreed time, the offending team shall forfeit the first rubber. One further rubber shall be forfeited for each 15 minutes delay thereafter. If play has not started after 60 minutes the offending team will forfeit the match.

5.4        If any player or pair is absent when called upon to play the rubber shall be awarded to the opposing team, except by mutual agreement of the captains.

5.5        The home team must organise their court space to ensure that there is sufficient time to complete the match from the agreed start time. Any unfinished or outstanding rubbers will be awarded to the away team and bonus points awarded as per rule 5.1.

5.6        Recognized badminton clothing shall be worn during match and tournament play.

5.7        Tournament quality feather shuttles should be used for all matches unless both teams mutually agree to play both home and away matches with plastic shuttles of suitable quality. In case of non-agreement, feather shuttles must be used.


6.1        The winner of a Division shall be decided by the number of league points won. In the event of a tie, the winner shall be decided by the number of matches won, and if this is still equal the total number of game points shall decide

6.2        At the end of each season the top two teams in each division (except the first division) shall be promoted to the next higher division. The lowest two teams in each division (except the lowest division) will be relegated to the next lower division.

6.3        The Committee reserve the right to increase or reduce the number of teams promoted or relegated if it is in the best interests of the League. The objective shall be that the League comprises of divisions of eight teams and that where the number of competing teams is not divisible by eight, the difference is accommodated in the two lowest divisions.

6.4        Clubs failing to complete their fixtures, or in severe or repeated breach of League regulations, may have points deducted or be promoted to a higher division or relegated to a lower division – the division to be decided by the Committee.