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Welcome to Sairyou Karate Club

Sairyou Karate Club is a well established Martial Arts Club. We have been open just over a year. Formally Lawefield School of Karate, And was open 3 years .

The Club is run by Sensei Jayne, Sensei Drudie, Sensei Elly and Sensei Traeh. Bewteen us we proudly boast over 60 years Martial Arts Experience.

We are a fun and fresh club that welcomes everyone above the age of 6. Everything that we teach you is to the highest standard and we are 100% devoted to making sure you get the very best out of your time with us. NO Black Belt will Ever ask you to do something if they can't do it themselves, so rest assured everything you do, a Black Belt will do it with you. this helps you learn in a better way.

We promote confidence and work with you to build your confidence so that if you ever need to defend yourself you will be confident enough to do so. We are a traditional Martial Arts club that teaches TRADITIONAL Wado ryu. Here at Sairyou we grade students regular and compete against other clubs. We also hold weapons course for our students to learn a different style of Martial Art if they so wish.

Our Black Belts are award winning and have competed at regional and national levels, Winning is something we strongly promote with our students and incurrage everyone who train with us to aim high.

If you like what you read and would like to come along and try us out, we will be more than happy to teach you.

You can find us on facebook (Sairyou Self Defence).  7pm until 9pm St Micheals Church Westgate Wakefield WF2 9RW.


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Our club participates in the following activities:

  • Martial Arts
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Sairyou Karate Club
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by Drudie
on Sun 24th Apr, 2011



I love been apart of Sairyou, i'm proud to be there. top club
by Traeh
on Sat 23rd Apr, 2011



i would give this karate club 5 stars as it is professional, fun and a easy way to keep fit and stay active. This club also i open to anyone with dissabilities and provides a soft form of exercise to help most problems.