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Table Tennis Team in Liverpool, L16

Welcome to Cadwa Table Tennis Club

Great conditions for competitive players of all abilities.

Ages 16+, 30+ members, playing September to May in L&DTTL.

Yearly subscription plus match night fee. Commitment is valued more than capability.

Sunday afternoon available for practice & fun throughout the year.

The Main Bits!

Our club participates in the following activities:

  • Table Tennis
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Train: to Broadgreen Station. Exit on the Motorway side and turn left. At traffic lights, cross right towards pub (Turnpike tavern). Go up Rocky lane, 50metres go left onto Bowland Avenue. CADWA is 200m on right.
Car: At end of the M62 go left onto Queens Drive, heading South. At first set of traffic lights 150m, go left onto Rocky Lane. CADWA Car park is 200m on right after Doctors Practice.
Bus: From City Centre - 61 to Rocky Lane. Cross over to CADWA as per Car instructions.
The main hall where we play is on the Bowland Avenue side, so if you came from Rocky Lane, walk through the car Park, past the Social Club and Bowling Green to the two adjacents huts round the back. The main hall door is diagonally opposite on the small car park.
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Recent News Announcements

29th Apr - Week 26+1, w/c 30th April by Doug Baker

There's an important match tomorrow, City v Utd and also the 1st team play a rearranged match at CADWA. This will be our last match of the season. Thursday will be free for practice (or somewhere to hang before the RnR Soc).
BTW A week a Monday it's May Bank Holiday so CADWA, in recognition to the great debt society owes bankers, will be closed. You have been warned. Or should that be fore-closed!?

21st Apr - Week 26 Commencing 23rd April by Doug Baker

Last week of the season, though some have finished and some have more to play;-
Monday: 1st v Harold House 1st and 'B' away at Arriva 1st
Tuesday: 'A' away at Crosby 'C'
Thursday: 'C' home to BSM 'C'
Friday: 'E' away at BSM 'G' and 'C' home to Police 'C' in a rearranged match

15th Apr - Week 25 Matches, w/c 16th April by Doug Baker

A full week of matches, and some teams last home/away game of the season.
Monday: 1st v Crosby B (rearranged match fitting in with a 'B' team match with "no" team)
Tuesday: 1st at Harold House 1st
Wednesday: C at Harold House 'C'
Thursday: A home v Harold House 'A' and 'D' away to Wavertree Labour 'D'
Friday: 'E' home to Waterloo
So, a full week, with half the matches against Harold House!?

30th Mar - Matches w/c 2nd April by Doug Baker

Back to a full (domestic?) programme of league matches, except 1:
Monday: B host Maghull 1st
Wednesday: away matches for 1st at Bath St Marine 1st and 'C' at Maghull 'A'
Thursday: 'A' host Wav Lab 'A' and 'D' down the rocky lane at Marconi 'C'
Friday: the exception - 'E' team were at home to Arriva B, but as this is Good Friday, it was brought forward to this Friday (i.e. tonight).

23rd Mar - Week Commencing 26th March by Doug Baker

Divisional cups next week so it looks like a 'free' week but we are fully booked (so no practice):
Monday: Readman final
Thursday: 1st v Crosby (rearranged from week 20)
Friday: 'E' v Arriva 'B' (brought forward from Good Friday)

23rd Mar - Week Commencing 26th March by Doug Baker

A 'free' week due to the week being reserved for Divisional Cup Finals.
But CADWA won't be available for practice as we have the first division Readman cup final on Monday, rearranged first team match (v Crosby) on the Thursday and another rearranged match on the Friday ('E' team v Arriva 'B' in the 5th division).

17th Mar - Week 22 Matches, w/c 19th March by Doug Baker

Mondays 1st team match postponed and 'D' teams game with Linacre moved to Thursday due to the Closed Finals Night being held at CADWA. Why not come down - games start at 7pm.
Wednesday: A at Wavertree and B at Bootle YMCA
Thursday: D at Linacre and C home to BSM'D'
Friday: E home to Maghull 'F'

29th Feb - Matches Week 20 - w/c 5th March by Doug Baker

We march into a double week next week;- league and Vets cup.
Monday: i) 1st v Crosby 1 postponed due to Vets (though D.Graham yet to respond),
ii) 'A' team away to Police A,
iii) Vets 2 away to Bath St Marine 5
Tuesday: i) 'D' team away to Bath St Marine F,
ii) Vets 4 away to BYMCA 1
Thursday: i) 'C' home to Arriva 1,
ii) 'B' away to Marconi 'B'
Friday: 'E' home to Marconi 'D'

Good luck to all, especially the old Semi-finalists!

26th Feb - Week 19 Matches, w/c 27th February by Doug Baker

After a rest week ('cept for the B team), we have:
Rest for the 'C' team (cos they play the Police team that folded),
Monday: 'B' home to BSM 'C' (top of the division and undefeated)
Wednesday: 'E' away at Sefton 'A' (top of the division and undefeated)
Thursday: 1st away to BSM 'A' and 'A' home to Marconi 1st (tied on points, oppo's have a game in hand)
Friday: 'D' home to Maghull 'C' (next to bottom)
Good luck with the respective challenges.

15th Feb - Matches w/c 20th February by Doug Baker

Busy week at CADWA next week. Well, if you're in the B team that is:
Monday: B v Arriva North West 1st Team in the Division 3, Hyde Cup, Semi Final
Thursday: B v Bath St Marine 'D' (rearranged from 23rd Jan)
So, I'm sure the chaps will be glad to see you there on Monday to support them in the defence of this cup (won by 'A' team of Mike, Paul & Alan last year).

5th Feb - Week 17 Commencing 6th Feb by Doug Baker

Busy day Monday: 'B' at home v Police C, 1st away at Police and 'E' away at Sefton B.
Tuesday: 'C' JJP should be careful not to slip up at Maghull
Thursday: A home to CTKing 'B'
Friday: 'D' home to Arriva A (a replay of the cup game that never was)

30th Jan - Matches Week 16 commencing 30th Jan by Doug Baker

This week is purely a league week:
Monday: 1st home to Crosby A
Wednesday tripple away header: 'A' take on BYMCA A, 'B' v Maghull A and 'D' at Wav Lab E
Thursday: 'C' home to BYMCA B
Friday: 'D' home to Wav Lab 'F'

20th Jan - Matches Week 15, w/c 23rd Jan by Doug Baker

A vets and league week:
Monday: Vets 2 home to BSM 3 and B away at BSM D in div 3
Thursday: C home to BSM 'E' and 1st away at Christ the King
Friday: D home to Sefton 1st.
E have no match. No news from Police re Vets 4 match at their gaff.
BTW be careful on the new floor at Maghull its very slippy. Ask Rob two falls no submission Davies.

9th Jan - Matches Week 13, w/c 9th Jan by Doug Baker

Last week in the first half of the season.
D team are rested, elsewhere:
B team play Arriva 1st tonight at CADWA.
A busy Thursday with 3 matches:
'A' home to Crosby C, 1st & 'C' away to Harold House & Bath St Marine 'C' respectively.
Friday sees 'E' team's first home match of 2012 versus BSM 'G'.
Good Luck.
Dont forget to get match night subs in for 2011 to captains / Mr Higham.

1st Jan - Week 12, w/c 2nd Jan by Doug Baker

Happy new year to everyone. A much needed chance to work off the season's spread next week.
1st (Bank Holiday) and B (play no one) have a free week.
Wednesday: 'A' team away at Harold House 'A'
Thursday 'C' team home to Harold House 'C'
Friday 'D' home to Wav Lab 'D' and 'E' away to Waterloo
Lets hope for more of an Everton start to the new year than Man City!

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